New Samsung Smartwatch Will Appeal to Fitness

It seems that Samsung Electronics is banking on people shaping up this spring. On Monday, the South Korean firm unveiled its new Galaxy flagship smartphone, the S5, which will go on sale on April 11th, along with a pair of smartwatches. Also, a large number of features that are included on those devices are concerned with fitness and health. This is probably a good idea considering America’s continued fascination with health-related products and personal health. What Samsung has tried to do is combining the best qualities of the top-of-the-line fitness trackers that can be found in the market with the attributes of its own smartwatches and phones.

The two watches and the S5 were unveiled by the company at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung’s Gear Fit smartwatch will be the first choice of true fitness buffs and they will head straight to it because the device comprises of a built-in heart rate monitor, fitness tracker and pedometer and is very user-friendly as well. If people want to check their heart rate, all they have to do is open the app and a reading will be provided within seconds. A number of people have become accustomed to wearing fitness bands, especially during workouts. This watch offers a better alternative.

The style of the Fit Gear is also worth mentioning because it comes off rather nicely. The first Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung had come off as a bit chunky and heavy, but this problem is solved by this Gear Fit version of the watch. It is light and thin and also comes with a curved color screen. While it is not possible for people to make calls from the new Fit Gear version either, but it will be able to notify users of any incoming calls, text messages and emails. However, there is still no sign of a camera. The new Gear 2 watch of the company also has the basic fitness features including the pedometer and heart rate monitor.

This watch is also lighter and thinner as opposed to the original version. Unlike the Fit, it is possible for people to use the Gear 2 for placing calls and take pictures and shoot videos from its camera. However, it remains a fact that receiving or making calls from the device was very difficult and so was taking pictures. A very nice change that has been provided by the South Korean smartphone giant is that unlike the first smartwatch of the company, the new ones can be paired with a host of devices of the company and this gives consumers additional options for their primary device. It is also planned by the company to introduce a cheaper version of the smartwatch called the Gear 2 Neo.

This will not be available in many colors and will not have a camera either. No pricing has been announced by Samsung for the new devices as yet. They will be available for sale in over 150 countries in April, including India.

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