Are You a Social Media Buff? Here are 10 DON’Ts You Need to Know

With all the excitement created by social media, it’s actually hard to keep yourself away from it. If you too are a social media buff like me, then you’ve landed on the right post. As someone who’s strongly into social media marketing, you must be well familiar with all the Do’s that can help you explore the domain to the fullest. But, how many of you are abreast with the DON’Ts that need to be followed during social media marketing? I’m sure many of you would answer gloomily. So, as an approach to help you know all the DON’Ts for social media marketing, I’ve written this blog. Hopefully, you’ll love the information furnished in this post and would definitely use it in your forthcoming social media marketing campaigns.

DON’T# 1- DON’T over-saturate your social media page

As per a recent survey, it has been found that social media pages containing numerous posts, published within small intervals are unfollowed by internet users. Hence, I recommended you to scatter your blog posts at specific intervals of time. If you feel you’ll forget to post your articles/blogs at the peak times, try using popular social media tools like Buffer or Hootsuite that will allow you to schedule your articles/blogs at the proposed time periods.

DON’T# 2- DON’T opt for shortcuts

Remember, nothing comes for free. In order to achieve success, you need to put in a great deal of time and efforts. The same applies to social media also. If you want to view genuine results (followers), you need to keep your cool and understand that it takes times. Opting for shortcuts like paid followers, paid links etc. won’t land you anywhere, rather you’ll just end up wasting your money.

DON’T# 3- DON’T fear people who hate you

If you hold an online presence, it’s obvious that you’ll have both types of audience, the one that loves you/your brand and the other one that hates you/your brand. As someone who’s running a social media marketing campaign, you need not be afraid of the latter type of audience, rather you must respond to every negative evaluation done against you/your company. You must be confident enough in facing negative reviews and feedback of people, as this will help you improve your brand for better.

DON’T# 4- DON’T thank people who retweet your tweets, like/follow you on Facebook

Well, this is a strange activity. You should never thank any of your friends/colleagues on a public platform like a social media website. So, whether it’s a person who has retweeted your tweet or someone who has liked/followed you on Facebook, make sure not to say “Thanks” publically.

DON’T# 5- DON’T forget to re-promote old stuff

Content promotion is a key component of every social media marketing campaign. It not only helps you build your company’s statistics but even allows you to hold your unique reputation in the online business world. Often, in the wake of sharing innovative content, entrepreneurs tend to ignore the importance of old content. Hence, I recommend you to schedule effective re-promotion of your old content (text/video/audio etc) which will boost your SEO results and increase the visitors’ count.

DON’T# 6- DON’T indulge in image theft

Nowadays, web users are smart enough in detecting stolen images. Hence, it is recommended not to use images that have already been used by someone else. You can either create your own unique images or invest in the stock images for providing that 100% genuine touch to your social media page.

DON’T# 7- DON’T copy paste reviews/comments/feedback

Since social media is open for all, indulging in something that can be easily tracked can turn to be embarrassing. Copy pasting people’s reviews/comments on your social media page is one such activity that comes with a number of embarrassing situations.

DON’T# 8- DON’T forget to do a follow-up

Whether its receiving comments on your Facebook page/Google+ page or your Twitter handle, make sure to respond to each one, without a delay. Reacting to queries/feedback serves as an excellent means of interacting with people who are interested in your brand.

DON’T# 9- DON’T offer a call to action on first connection basis

The changing face of technology has made it mandatory for every merchant to know the client before striking a deal. The same applies to social media marketing also. You must never offer a call to action until you’ve gathered sufficient amount of information about the client and are ready to personalize your information with him/her.

DON’T# 10-DON’T make your social media page talk only about your company

Social media is a free and easy way of marketing a brand, but it even serves as a brilliant knowledge hub. People love reading content on general topics. Hence, it is better, not only to schedule the publication of posts related to news about your brand but also general stuff.

Wrapping Up

Social media can act as an excellent tool for business promotion, provided you avoid doing all the aforementioned activities. Take my advice and stop doing all the above Don’ts and you’ll arise as a loyal social media marketer.

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