Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Comparison shopping has long been a method of saving money. Apply the same principle and compare car insurance quotes. With today’s technology, your search for the best policy for the best price doesn’t need to involve calling a dozen or more phone numbers or visiting a dozen or more office, all while trying to keep your notes organised and legible. Use the Internet to make your comparison of policy plans and prices convenient, easy and efficient. From entering your information, tailoring a policy to comparing the price quotes, the tools provided on this site transforms one-stop-shopping into “standard operating procedures.”

An experienced shopper of any sort knows to always check prices in more than one store or location. The same concept adapts itself to your benefit when shopping for quality insurance at budget prices. Use the natural competitiveness between companies to leverage your insurance allotment: When you submit a quote request here, the responding companies know you will look at more than one quote. They give you the best price they can, based on your information. If you find a quote that is close to your estimated payment amount, contact the company about additional discount plans and programs. Ask about security devices and safety measures you can invoke to further reduce your premiums. Then compare the net premium prices again.

Compare Car Insurance Rates

If care insurance companies considered all risk factors equally, you wouldn’t need to shop for insurance: Everyone would offer the same plans for the same price. Fortunately, insurance statistics are not treated equally, and you will see a vast difference between the cheap vehicle insurance rates and the most expensive premium rates, all for basically the same type of insurance. Escalate coverage, and the differences can become enormous.

Insurance rates, as noted above, are based on statistical analysis of various risk factors. Some factors include your gender, your age, the type of car you drive, the mileage you drive, where you live and your driving history. All insurance companies consider these and other risk factors in presenting quotes. The differences lie in how much importance each company assigns each risk factor. If you search one company at a time, you may not easily notice that price differential. Comparison shopping, when you gather more than one quote and especially obtaining several quotes simultaneously, will display the lowest prices available through the highest prices in your area.

Young drivers, those under 25 years of age, will find their rates are higher than for any other age group. The rates reflect inexperience and a tendency of youth to be a bit more reckless than others. That accident and citation risk is reflected in higher rates, and while some actions can reduce rates a little, young male drivers will find lesser relief through discounts than young female drivers.

The cheapest car cover rates are enjoyed by mature, experienced drivers between 50 and 70 years old. In any age group, women are statistically less likely to get traffic citations or be involved in an accident. Rates for women drivers are always lower than for men drivers with equally clean driving records.

Driving safety courses like Pass Plus and vehicle security devices like car alarms or immobilisers will almost always reduce any driver’s insurance premium. Seek information on devices and systems recommended by an insurance company or on a no claims discount that can offer up to 70 percent off insurance premiums over time.

Bonuses and Discounts

As you compare insurance quotes, look beyond the initial premium price that is presented. Insurance Company A might have a lower price at face value, but Insurance Corporation B might offer steeper security device or safety course discounts.

Young drivers will always find passing the Pass Plus course by the Driving Standards Agency to be profitable. Not only will they learn about hazards and driving in tough weather and traffic conditions, successful completion will earn them significant discounts from the high-risk, high-priced insurance costs.

Locking your vehicle in a secured garage at night will often earn discounts from premium prices. If you cannot lock in a garage, parking off the street and with an alarm, stronger locks than standard and immobilisers and trackers can potentially reduce your insurance costs significantly. Even increasing your voluntary excess will result in lower payments.

Benefits of Comparison Shopping

How many times have you seen a better price for an item right after you bought it on sale somewhere else? Use comparison shopping techniques when searching for affordable insurance, just as shoppers do for clothing, furniture, electronics and appliances, for instance.

Compare insurance plans, options, add-ons and even customer service before narrowing down your choices. Always make sure the company that interests you is honest and reputable. Ensure they are financially stable and have the ability to pay your maximum benefits if needed. You can determine both by contacting the Financial Service Authority or the Association of British Insurers. Don’t become a victim of either an insurance scam or of high prices: Compare multiple quotes from reputable companies at the same time to find right car insurance company, plan and price for your needs.

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