Different Types of Samsung S5 Cases


Cases are widely-used to secure Smartphones and tablets. These Cases are made from distinct kind of materials dependent on the phone for which it is going to be used. Most popular materials are leather and silicon as leather-based cases are for high-quality devices and silicon cases are for cheaper ones. Cases are available in various colors for example white, blue, black, red etc. Always select the case which is in the same pattern in which the mobile phone has. A wrong case puts a negative impact on other individuals when you take the mobile phone or smartphone out of the pocket.  Speaking of the newly announced Galaxy S5, here is a list of the best Samsung S5 cases so far

1. I-Blason Case

After investing heavily with your Galaxy S5, you will realise it deserves the best protection it may get. I-Blason is made of premium quality thermoplastic polyurethane, which ensures protection of high class and resilient durability. Using this case you’ll have satisfaction knowing that your precious phone is in top condition. It assists to guard against smears, dirt, drops, scratches, and bumps. There is absolutely no limitation to accessing the ports and enjoying popular features of your phone using the case on.

2. Mercury TPU Case

This sleek and thin case offers protection against scratch without increasing bulkiness. It is manufactured out of durable polycarbonate plastic of top quality and is lightweight. The case won’t limit one to accessing front buttons and slide out keyboard. It permits full usage of super AMOLED touchscreen display. There is a precision cut-out for speakerphone, microphone, camera, ports, and controls. This premium Crystal image cover is a fantastic way to shield your mobile phone. It provides protection against chips, dents, and scratches. No skills or tools needed to fit it in, all you have to do is just snap it on for a new elegant appearance.

3. Cruzelite TPU Case

Not only does TPU Rubber Gel Case offer your Smartphone protection but it also gives it an exceptional look. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is certain to get the protection it needs from scratches and bumps. The cover is not hard to put it on as well as to remove it. The design stands out your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone from the others. Additionally, the cover provides access to all buttons and ports. With TPU cover, it is easy to keep hold of your phone, thanks to the textured gripper case. It’s designed with an ultra-low profile design which makes the cover not to hinder any buttons or the screen from the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

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