First Impressions of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

The distinction between a tablet computer and laptop becomes blurred with the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The device has an on-screen keyboard, which shares the capabilities of keyboards found in laptops. Several applications can be opened side by side and the device can be shared by several users having separate profiles. The screen is also larger than a number of laptops. Samsung has also made an attempt to make the Note Pro into something that can be used by professionals for using on the road, when they have left their laptops behind. Business tools have been packed into the device such as one year of Wi-Fi access on airplanes via Gogo, subscription to the digital magazine Bloomberg Businessweek for a year and virtual conferencing app called WebEx.

The features form an interesting lineup. The only downside that people might find is that its price tag  is higher than that of most laptops; the base model having 32 GB storage is available for $750 while the 64 GB model can be bought for $850. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 isn’t made for those people who use a tablet for the primary purpose of consuming content such as books, music, magazines and videos. There are numerous cheaper alternatives that can be opted instead.

This tablet has been designed for those people who wish to mimic the laptop experience without actually owning a laptop. Having a 12.2 inch screen, the device has a 50% greater surface area as compared to the 9.7 inch iPad Air of Apple Inc. Furthermore, the Note Pro is also larger than another tablet that has been regarded as a replacement of laptops; 10.6 inch Surface Pro 2 of Microsoft Corp. The Samsung device is also cheaper as the Surface has a price tag of $899.

Television shows, as well as other content will just come to life with the help of the large screen of Note Pro. The Digital magazines almost have the same size as that of printed magazines. One downside is that the text may look blown up because these magazines haven’t been designed to be so large. Moreover, the larger screen means that the on-screen keyboard seems similar to an actual physical keyboard. The keys have been spaced in a way that all 10 fingers can be used for typing while two fingers are usually used in smaller devices for pecking inefficiently.

In addition, the onscreen keyboard of the Note Pro also possesses capabilities that weren’t previously seen in tablets. The Note Pro also has a stylus for helping in writing on the screen. The multitasking feature of the Note Pro enables users to run four applications at the same time. People can control how much space is taken by an application and even more than four apps can be opened when Pen Window is activated. This new device is also compatible with Google services and Android phones. It may be a little pricey, but is a very decent and useful device.

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