Having a Resourceful Website can Be Helpful for Any Business

Joe Alexander, currently the owner of Nest Beding, lost his job 2 years ago, and that time the only 2 options he had were to either gamble in a tough economy or accept a 6 figure job offer which was on table. The most important asset he had was his sixteen years of experience in mattress business. With his experience and ability to write, Joe launched his online organic mattress store on a shoestring budget. He started blogging about everything from how to clean your mattress to what to do if you are uncomfortable on your mattress.

In just a few months, his website was ranking high for many of the organic mattress related keywords. This translated to a constant stream of customers looking for organic mattresses. The most important thing Joe understood was that when people make the decision of living a healthy and natural lifestyle, they find themselves making alterations in every habit such as what they eat and the type of furniture they buy. That’s when they purchase an organic mattress because it is not just an investment in the health of individuals, but also in the environment. That’s what Joe and his team worked on through www.nestbedding.com and promoted materials that are made by the petroleum industry are typically used in making regular mattresses. These include polyester, polyurethane, glues, polybrominated diphenyl ethe (PBDE), elastic, dyes and flame retardants. Pesticide residues may also be included.

The website also promoted the idea that in contrast, mattresses that are organic are simply made from organic wool, organic cotton and natural rubber. These mattresses have lots of benefits, which make them the right choice for individuals. Breathing problems can occur amongst people because of allergens that build up, but this is prevented in these mattresses. Therefore, this particular mattress can benefit those people who suffer from respiratory problems as they will be able to sleep a bit easily. A fiber that’s naturally resistant to flame is wool. This wool is a major component in the mattresses that are organic so this increases the chances of these mattresses being resistant to flames.

Nest Bedding mostly sells mattresses that are also hypoallergenic naturally, because no chemicals are used in their composition. People who are allergic to certain chemicals can choose to get organic mattresses for their bed rather than the regular ones. The environmental benefit of these mattresses cannot be ignored either. Joe says, “If people make it a habit of purchases mattresses that are organic, more and more farmers will be encouraged to implement eco-friendly and organic practices, which don’t cause a lot of damage to the environment. An organic mattress is also resistant to dust mites”.

Joe has this advice to any new business owner: “There is no substitute for hard work. Spend a little time each day writing relevant, well-written content on your website and make your business website a resource for your industry”.

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