ROMER Portable Arm CMM Review

One of the best ROMER innovations you will get out there is the ROMER Absolute Arm. This arm was inspired by the hexagon metrology family and all of the previous arms that ROMER has produced. This particular arm is one of the best in the market and offers quality production rates. It is lightweight and flexible which makes it the ideal production arm.

Features of the ROMER Portable Arm

There are many features of the portable arm that make it a great choice for those in production that want a quality arm that will work whenever it needs to. Here are some of the key features of the arm:

•    Lightweight. The arm is not heavy and can be moved and move itself easily.
•    Flexible. Can get into tight spots needed for production.
•    Rotation. The arm has stunning rotational abilities allowing it to reach into tight areas without having to worry about damage to the arm or the product it is working on.
•    Compact head. Easy to hold and contains a work light and digital camera.
•    Probe joint. Probe recognition can help you store profiles for recall when you need it.
•    Motility packs. Allows you to plug in to a long lasting battery as well as connecting to wifi allowing for portable use.

What Businesses Liked about the ROMER Portable Arm

There are many great reviews out there about the ROMER Portable Arm. Many businesses including Nel Pretech, a dimensional inspection lab in Illinois, loved that the product worked efficiently and that it did not have any problems. They enjoyed all the features including the compact head, the flexibility and the motility of the arm. Many said that they would stay with this ROMER arm for their production needs as it is the best on the market. Many businesses said that their production increased with this arm and that they would not go back to any other arm. Most businesses stated that they would highly recommend the ROMER arm for any business that needs this type of arm.

What Businesses Didn’t Like

For the most part the ROMER portable arm received high reviews with many businesses recommending the product. There were, however, a few out there that did not like this particular arm for various reasons. Several complained about the price of the arm saying that it was much too expensive compared to other arms. Another common complaint was the fact that they did not feel that the battery pack did not last long enough and should be made to last a good bit longer. Other than that the complaints for the arm were very few.

If you want a great arm that can offer great precision and accuracy you should go with the ROMER Portable Arm. You will receive the help that you need and see an increase in production and the results that you will get for production. You cannot go wrong with this particular arm. With great accuracy and flexibility paired along with awesome reviews you will know that you are making a great investment. Check out the ROMER portable arm today.

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