Samsung is On a Roll – Competitors Watch Out

It has only been six months since the South Korean manufacturer Samsung Electronics released its very first smartwatch into the market. Now, half a year later, the company will now sell three more. A trio of new watches was unveiled by the company at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain as a follow-up on the Android-based Galaxy Gear that was introduced in September. It seems that the South Korean firm is simply flooding the zone in the hopes that it can run out the clock on its major rival, Apple Inc. before it can possibly manage to release its own version of the smartwatch, which is rumored to be named as the iWatch.

Gear 2 is one of the trio of the new smartwatches and has a built-in camera has the ability of connecting with smartphones wirelessly and can also run applications that have been designed for Tizen, which is a relatively new operating system that Samsung has decided to champion. The Gear 2 Neo is similar to this device; the only exception is the lack of camera. On the other hand, the third device is the curved screen Gear Fit, which runs on basic software and is designed more like a health device for rivaling Fitbit. However, this one also tells the time.

However, Samsung isn’t the only one riding the smartwatch wave. It was announced by Motorola Mobility in Barcelona, which is currently being sold to China’s Lenovo group by Google Inc., that they will be releasing a smartwatch this year and according to reports, it seem like South Korea-based LG Electronics might be working on one too. In fact, it may just be called the Mobile Watch Congress because it was also reported that the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, which is currently in the red will also be demonstrating one of its three wearable devices in Barcelona, but behind closed doors.

As far as the show floor is concerned, Huawei Technologies has the Talk Band while Sony is boasting the SmartBand. It is being said that wearables can prove to be a large market in the future. However, analysts don’t seem to be agreeing and they have stated that Apple’s needle will not move by much even if the company does launch the iWatch. While Apple is not usually the first, but history has shown that the company has a knack of putting together the required features in the form of a well-designed package that becomes irresistible. For instance, there were lots of music players before the iPod was introduced.

But, one important factor that needs to be kept in mind by every company is that the tech market is not the same anymore and the South Korean giant has proven to be relentless. The impressions of the Gear Fit seem to be glowing and if Samsung continues to release a handful of new smartwatches after every six months, then it is likely that the company will find a winner and will simply roll over the rest of its competitors.

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