SEO from a Web Design Firm’s Perspective

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful and well known forms of generating web traffic. Search Engine Optimization, in a nutshell, is when a web developer or web designer strategically edits the HTML and content of a web page in order to get better search results on search engines like Google. Google has machines called spiders which crawl the entire web creating webs of links. These links are then categorized. By optimizing your content and html code, you can get a higher page ranking.

For those of you who are new to the online world of SEO can be a bit scary, and with just cause, it’s a monster that is best left to a professional web design team. Anyone who has spent anytime creating backlinking campaigns, or fussing with on page SEO knows that to most people SEO is a technical nightmare.

Most people simply don’t have the patience to spend countless hours researching new strategies and implementing them on a consistent basis. While there are plenty of responsive web design teams that can take care of it for you, if you are determined to master SEO, there is some basic terminology that you will have to know.

Affordable SEO and Web Design services, such as Orange County Web Design, can be hard to come across, so it’s good you at least have some basic knowledge of what SEO is.

SEO is effectively ranking your site at the top of the search engines to create traffic, which will in turn generate leads which can then be converted to sales. In order to do this there are various methods, some of which can be considered WhiteHat SEO which is fair practices and looked upon with quality by Google, the other is BlackHat which can be shady, illicit, and is frowned upon by Google in the worse way possible.

Fitted Tech engages in the best WhiteHat SEO practices which are to ensure your website is never de-indexed or penalized by Google. In order to comply with Googles rules and guidelines you have to deliver consistent, compelling content, which is considered to be of the highest value to your readers. You will also have to create effective and fair backlinking campaigns on high PR sites which will lead to the greatest amount of traffic from high quality sources and show Google that you are running a site of extreme value. Sometimes you will hear of a “black-hat” technique which means it may get you penalized, because its bad!

The Web Design firm services that we provide do not account for things seo beyond basic foundational work. It is important that you upkeep your SEO with backlinks and new, fresh content! This will show Google that you are a site that is to be trusted and in time will help you be labeled as an authority website. All of this is important to the success of your business! It’s also important to know when creating content for your site, it has to be valued, and easy to read. The days of keyword stuffing content is long gone, and as such Google is looking for content that is rich in value rather than keywords.

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