Why Do You Need Managed IT Support?

Most businesses operate some form of information technology system. Be it a standalone Pentium PC running Windows XP for the most basic accounting tasks, or a large enterprise scale local area network running several workstations connected to printers or peripherals, IT solutions come in many shapes and sizes.

In fact, today it is unimaginable to run any sort of business function without the help of IT – be it point of sale, supply management, accounting or human resources. Therefore, it is essential for any business to have a suitable IT support resource at hand. The United Kingdom has always had a vibrant computing and information technology industry, with many of its cities renowned as IT and creative hubs. While the city of Manchester boasts a suburb as the place Alan Turing invented the first computer, the British capital has to its credit quite a few firms offering quality IT support in London and its surround towns.

IT support can be called in to help when hardware is not working, or when the screen suddenly goes blank. It can be employed when there is a printer fault and something fails to print, or when the Internet connection suddenly fails. Software support can also be utilised in certain situations, for example when a Windows installation becomes corrupt and fails to work. At other times, a virus can wipe out important files of the operating system, rending the system inoperable. Still other software issues can take the form of word processing or spreadsheet software not working, or firewall problems that cause accessibility or privacy issues. Sometimes, businesses can employ a dedicated support person in the premises whose job is to make sure that all IT systems are working smoothly to their utmost capability.

However, smaller businesses may not deem it financially viable to keep an IT support technician at hand at all times. For these businesses, it makes more sense to keep an external IT support resource available, to be called in times of need. Such an external managed IT support resource can be a company whose services are called upon to solve IT problems as and when they arise.

Many organisations choose to have an external managed IT support, according to a survey by KPMG. 71 percent of organisations want to make cost savings, 51 percent want to have access to highly skilled IT support technicians, while 48 percent want improved quality of technical support. You can view the full data as an infographic here.

This goes to show the paramount importance of being able to bank on a managed IT support solution, and any business serious about its computing needs can enjoy significant efficiencies and economies through outsourcing its IT requirements to a competent provider.

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