WorkStraight Review: A Better Way to Manage Your Team Communications

Everyday small businesses are bombarded with different software options to manage their business processes. But none seem to offer what we really want: low cost, scalability, security, and flexibility. By using cloud-based WorkStraight, you can have a better way to manage your team and get all the features you really want. Starting at $4.99/month, with a free 30 day trial, and no credit card required – it is perfect to try out with your team.

WorkStraight is a set of web apps (called stars) that anyone can use, anyway they desire. This makes it very flexible to your needs. For instance, there are currently four stars (Notes, POS Terminal, Work Orders, and Calendar) with completely different functionality. If your team only needs to use the task management features of Work Orders, you can just activate it and leave the other stars de-activated. So your team only sees what is needed – not useless links to functionality that isn’t relevant that clutters up the interface. When considering additional benefits, with WorkStraight, you can easily do following:

  • Manage your sales flow and accept POS payments
  • Steamline workflow management
  • Increase individual accountability
  • Conveniently collaborate on projects with customers and vendors
  • Offer better support to your client base
  • Effectively manage time and appointments
  • Manage operations in the cloud
  • Improve team-wide communication

Businesses take advantage of the full-featured apps of WorkStraight by efficiently increasing flexibility, streamlining the processes, and improving communication. Whether you are working in retail, in a service field, industrial sector, tech industry, or just from home – you can easily benefit from WorkStraight.

It simply helps you get the work done!

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  1. Looks like just what my design team needs… thanx