Benefits of On-Hold Marketing

In today’s highly competitive market, it is essential for businesses and companies to market themselves in the best possible way. Marketing should be undertaken in such a way that they can reach the largest and widest target audience to stay a step ahead of rivals. There are a variety of techniques and methods that can be implemented for effective marketing including traditional methods and also online marketing tactics. While most marketing techniques can prove to be beneficial to a business, it is necessary to consider the type of target market before choosing a method. One method of marketing that has gained considerable popularity is on-hold marketing.

This form of marketing can be done by an organization when callers are either being transferred or are put on hold. A business can be spurred with this marketing tactic because it has the capability of reaching a larger audience. This is due to the fact that telephones are used by people on a regular and constant basis. A business receives 15 calls in every hour on average and callers hold for at least 15 seconds during these calls. When totaled, it would mean that a business gets about 120 hours of marketing on a yearly basis, which they can use for their benefit.

There are a lot of benefits that a business will notice when they decide to use this tactic for promotions and advertisements. First off, it enables a business to establish a professional image in the eyes of the customers. Moreover, it proves to be an excellent opportunity for a business to introduce new products to their customers without coming across as pushy and intrusive. A business will be able to develop a better corporate image in the industry and market. Apart from that, a business can ultimately keep their customers on the phone with OnHold marketing as it has been proven that 90% of the customers tend to hang up the phone if the line remains silent for about 40 seconds.

A business will also be able to provide the latest information to their customers to keep them updated and will be able to stand out amongst the horde of their competitors. Research has proven that the hold time seems shorter to customers when there is a recording playing while they are on, which reduces the possibility of caller hang ups. This is definitely an important factor because 34% of the callers who do hang up do not bother to call again.

However, in order to make the most of this marketing technique, a business can make a professional recording and choose the products they want to promote. The music that will be used when callers are on hold can also be decided. Furthermore, a business can also connect with the audience by choosing the voice that will convey the message, which can vary from Irish to corporate British female. The entire business telephone system can be used for this type of marketing and on hold marketing will provide benefits from every single phone.

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