Different Softwares to Add Music to iPhone Without Using iTunes

There are a lot of softwares available to transfer music to iPhone without  iTunes, so if you are looking and anxious to know how it can happen without iTunes, here is the complete information which will definitely be helpful.

There are a lot of ways and a lot of softwares that are just a click away from you. As we all know, Apple has made it pretty strict for the iPhone and iPad users to use only iTunes, so it becomes almost impossible for users to transfer music to iPhone without  iTunes. However, if you do not find iTunes to be user-friendly or simply are tired of, there are other options available for you. Some of the softwares that you can use are:

• Media Monkey(Windows)
• WinAmp
• Share Pod (Windows)
• CopyTrans Manager (Windows)

Media Monkey: 

Media Monkey is a fully featured windows media player and it is just like using iTunes on a MAC or iOS. It is relatively easier to use. The software has 3 versions and you can choose one that works best for you.


After you have installed WinAmp, connect your iPhone and you will see your device appear. The added advantage of using this software is that it has bidirectional sync, which enables you to conveniently download songs. WinAmp lets you transfer music to iPhone without iTunes.

Share Pod: 

If you need a simple and light weight software to synchronize quickly without losing much time, then Share Pod is your best choice. Since no installation is required for using Share Pos, using it is a lot easier.

CopyTrans Manager (Windows): 

When it comes to transferring music to iPhone or iPad, this software is ones of the best ones available. The only limitation is that you’ll be able to use it only if you have an iPhone with firmware1.x installed. CopyTrans claims to be a real alternative to iTunes

The softwares above are some of your best alternatives when you are looking for ways to copying music from iPhone without iTunes. You can look for other options too, as you can find several, but just make sure that the program you use is a reliable one.

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