How Developers and Skilled Inventors Must Look for Investors

There are only a few blessed and skilled people who can invent and develop things. All the efforts by these individuals are made to make the quality of life better and easier. They can achieve this goal by either inventing something completely new or developing a better version of what already exists with additional features. However, the most common concern for these individuals remains the availability of investors. Investors are hard to find and even though there are thousands of them waiting to be touched, it needs a proper strategy to approach them and tell them about your product or innovation.

As per Abdou K. Seck, an investment analyst from, the first and foremost thing is your idea or product. You must know that the idea you have come up with is unique, innovative and has some value for people. Your product or idea must be original and not copied from an existing idea. You can, however, emulate the already existing products and ideas. The most important thing here is that your ideas should be clear, vivid and free of any ambiguities. Others come later; you are the person who must know the idea very well. Your idea must have a clear outline and if it is a product, it must have a clear purpose in the market.

Secondly, you must know how to sell your idea or product. Investors have the money and they love to invest it because it opens for them the opportunities to earn bigger profits. However, you must be able to convince them that your idea or product is unique, useful and marketable. Nothing can convince the investors better than facts and stats. Have your product tested, criticized and reviewed several times from several people – experts and non-experts – before you present it to the investors. Provide investors with the statistics and facts you have obtained while having your product tested by people.

It is important that you collect as many data sets as possible to prove that your product is going to be a hit in the market. Third important thing is to have a sample or portable version of your product ready. This is important since you might be required to visit many places to meet and talk to many investors. You must have your product with you – your idea is your product – so you can show the investors what they will be investing their money on. Never think that a surprise is going to work when it comes to searching for investors.

Prepare a guide for your product or a written outline of your idea that could be presented to the investors. Now you have to find the right investors through reliable channels. Venture capital, private equity and angel investing are some of the options you can consider to have your idea or product launch in the market. If your idea pertains to a technological product or you have invented a new technology, venture capital (VC) is probably the best option for you. Online resources are the best when you are looking for any type of investment for your unique ideas and products.

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