How Internet Listing Services for Student Housing Market are a Great Help

San Marcos, TX: Internet listing services concentrating on the student housing market are beginning to gain some attention. As many of you are already aware, the housing market in college towns is booming with millions of new lavish and luxurious apartment communities are springing up in towns across the United States.  As prices for apartments increase along with tuition, there is definitely a student loan bubble that is about to burst. However, in the meantime, one company has set out to reduce expenses of Apartment communities and make finding an apartment easier.

StudentRentIt, LLC is a company in San Marcos, TX that has been created to offset the costs that apartment communities are facing. Apartment locators, real estate agents that find apartments for their customers, are taking a huge chunk of the money that apartments usually depend for maintenance and upkeep. In turn, the apartments increase their prices to the students to pay for this. The most interesting idea here is that using an apartment locator is against the religion of students. Today’s student doesn’t want to go into a realtor’s office and drive around town. They only do it due to the fact that they cannot find apartments online and driving around town to 66 different apartment communities is a daunting task.

That is where the founder of StudentRentIt, LLC came in. Brenden Martin, CEO, has a background in technology. Previously, Martin worked for Microsoft, developed iPhone applications and decided that this was a market with a lot of potential. “I remember looking for an apartment a couple years ago and it was just an awful experience. Hours online, tons of numbers to remember and nobody you talk to seems to know any real answers.” Martin said.

If you go to, you will see an interactive, mobile-friendly website allowing students to browse all of the listing in their school town with just one-click. The website is dedicated for students and allows students to connect with one another in their community to find roommates, post subleases, take notes on their apartment search and even search in groups. Best of all students don’t have to worry about SPAM like they witness on other listing sites like Craigslist. “We are working very closely with students everyday to learn what they want, what they like, don’t like. We want to be the first to build a product students love and will use all of the time.” Martin said.

One of the neatest features is that the website is creating communities within communities. You can connect with those in your apartment community, you can get a bird’s eye view of nearby businesses and see what it is really like to live at the apartment community before you sign a lease. The features being built out are extraordinary and designed to allow users to make decisions from their desk or on the go rather than wasting a weekend driving around town.

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