Microsoft Expected to Reveal Windows 8 Update

It is apparent that Microsoft is keeping its promise of updating its Windows 8 operating system on a frequent basis in order to respond to the complaints from customers and other feedback. Only months after releasing Windows 8.1, the software giant is making preparations for bringing change to the OS in order to make it easier for people to make use of Windows with mouse controls and traditional keyboard. Among other things, the company is planning to add power, search and settings buttons on the Start Page. This means that people will not have to figure out how to do these functions from the screen’s right side. Easier ways of shutting down applications is also promised by the update.

Some of the new features had been detailed by Microsoft Corp at a conference in Barcelona, Spain in February and will give further information on Wednesday in Sans Francisco at the beginning of its Build Software conference held annually. This update, which remains new and unnamed as yet, is expected soon. This is after Windows 8.1 made its debut in October, only a year after the release of Windows 8. This pattern is opposed to the usual pattern of the company, which had released updates after a gap of several years.

Microsoft is also introducing updates for its Windows Phone System to help it in working better in corporate environments. For instance, VPN support will be added by the company, which will enable phones to connect securely to corporate networks. Other features will also be incorporated that are demanded by consumers in emerging markets, which seem to be growing at a rapid pace. This includes the ability of phones to support two SIM cards simultaneously as this will enable people two switch between carriers in order to benefit from the best deal. Specific availability and pricing of each update hasn’t been announced by the company up till now.

However, based on past practice, they are likely going to be free downloads. It is possible that they will be available as early as the beginning of this month. No matter what the date is, they will remain the first major software release to be made after the post of CEO of the company was taken by Satya Nadella in February. This is just after Mr. Nadella unveiled Excel, Word and PowerPoint applications last week for Apple’s iPad. The Build conference may also be used by Microsoft for giving an update to the software developers about their plans on integrating Windows Phone 8 system for smartphones, the Xbox system for its video gaming console and the Windows 8.1 system for laptops, tablets and desktops.

The software firm announced that it is making an attempt to help most of its systems in sharing the same underlying code, but still maintaining separate interfaces for different devices. Developers will benefit from this integration as this will make it easier for them to adapt applications for various devices. The latest updates will add new features and may boost the lackluster demand of the Windows 8.

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