Microsoft Renames Nokia Business to Microsoft Mobile

The change of name has been confirmed by Nokia in an email that it sent to all its registered users. As per the email, the company said that once this transaction is completed, the responsibility of their contractual relationships for the products and services concerning the business as well as their personal data would be assumed by a Microsoft Finnish affiliate. It further stated that Microsoft was also concerned deeply about the privacy of the users and the protection of their personal information. Therefore, the company would continue the collection of the data and its use in the same way as Nokia had done before the sale had been carried out so users will not see any change because of it.

Just as expected, there was contact details listed at the end of the email, which highlighted the new name of the company, Microsoft Mobile Oy. This simply indicates that Nokia fans and users should get ready to say goodbye to their beloved name as the smartphone business will now be renamed. An email was leaked by Microsoft, which showed that once the takeover of Nokia is completed by Microsoft, it would be renaming the handset division of the company to Microsoft Mobile.

The email that was leaked was sent by Microsoft to its suppliers showed that the mobile division of the Finnish company Nokia Oyj would be renamed by the Redmond software giant to Microsoft Mobile Oy after the takeover is finally completed. As per the alleged email, the name would come into effect when the transaction finally comes to a close, which has been delayed for a bit. The company had asserted that the legal entity name would be Microsoft Mobile Oy, which would be used for the issuance of invoices and also VAT IDs. The email also added that no changes would be made to the terms and conditions that were previously agreed between the Devices and Services business and the suppliers.

It was also highlighted that along with becoming the suppliers of the new Microsoft Mobile Oy, they would continue to be a supplier for the remaining businesses of Nokiam i.e. HERE, NSN or Advanced Technologies after the transaction between Nokia Devices and Service and Nokia comes to a close. The email emphasized that Nokia would communicate with the suppliers separately and provide details about changes in addresses and invoicing methods before the transaction is completed.

This news has left people confused as it would mean that post Nokia Microsoft deal, the name of Nokia as a mobile brand would vanish completely. If this is the case then it is nothing but a huge gamble on Microsoft’s part, especially in the Indian market. As far as India is concerned, Nokia has retained a very loyal fan following, but the same cannot be said for the mobile venture of Microsoft Corp. Retaining the Nokia identity would be in the greater interest in Microsoft as it would allow the company to endear itself to Nokia’s existing fan base. The deal between the companies is expected to close this month.

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