Toneaphone Releases Brand New Fun Apps for iOS

Toneaphone, LLC releases multiplayer basketball game and fighting game-themed voice changer on the iPhone/iPad simultaneously!!

Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ and Voice Transform and Share were both released last week on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ is a unique twist on a traditional game.  Voice Transform and Share is a fighting game-inspired voice changer.

Both projects took several months to develop, and began months apart. However, both projects were ironically completed within a week of each other. Toneaphone seized the opportunity of finishing 2 mobile applications back-to-back, and decided to release them simultaneously.

Most Developers would advise against releasing 2 mobile applications within a month of each other to avoid cannibalizing. However, there are promotional advantages to owning multiple applications as well.

A dual release was especially beneficial to Toneaphone because both applications are ad supported, and the banners/interstitials used to monetize within those apps are also customizable for House Ads. House Ads are not only free, but they allow both apps to cross-promote and attract a wider audience of users in a shorter period of time.

Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ currently ranks in the Top 100 Sports Games in iTunes, and continues to rise in the charts.

Although Voice Transform has not surged as quickly, user downloads are increasing daily, and will continue to grow, especially as long as other Toneaphone applications rank in iTunes.

Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ information:

Application Link:

Description: Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ brings the excitement of the live arcade game to mobile!

It’s basketball like you’ve never seen before — featuring beautifully rendered HD graphics and realistic physics, this game will be sure to knock your socks off!! Play against the timer or a friend in an all-out shootout, Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ ™ provides hours of entertainment!

Don’t expect the proverbial, easy-to-score, boring and fluffy basketball game, but a rather much more challenging one instead (like actual arcade basketball).


  • Realistic Physics

Intuitive and realistic physics make every round an utterly immersive experience!

  • Incredible HD Graphics

Ultra-realistic graphics that will blow you away, Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ ™ captures the essence of the classic game, and gives the feeling of being at an actual arcade.

  • 4 Breathtaking Stages
  • Gym: Reminiscent of the classic arcade game the Gym is minimalist yet very entertaining.
  • Park: The essence of street ball juxtaposed with a playground aesthetic make the Park special.
  • Beach: Drift away and have some fun in the sun at the Beach! The sand, palm trees and steel pan will take you on a mini vacation every time.
  • Neon: Lighting effects out of this world, the Neon stage glows vibrantly and radiant sparks flail throughout in spectacular fashion.
  • Multiplayer Mode with Power-Ups
  • Challenge friends or opponents from all over the world in multiplayer real-time via Game Center. Give yourself a competitive edge against your opponents using power-ups including Paparazzi and Butter Fingers.
  • 5 Detailed Basketball Varieties

– Original ball
– All-Star Ball
– Beach Ball
– Old Ball
– Neon Ball

  • Original Soundtrack
  • Facebook Integration

Voice Transform and Share™ information:

Application Link:

Change your voice in a variety of ways, and SHARE IT FOR FREE with Voice Transform and Share!!!

Inspired by the hit “Vs. Mode” games in the 90’s, Voice Transform and Share takes a very unconventional thematic approach with features including Character Selection screens and weaponized microphones.

Choose from 28 awesome and unique voices including Cyborg, Chipmunk, Reverse, Time Machine, Cave, Ghost, Turtle, and MUCH MORE!

Record your voice, change it, then save or share it via What’s App, Facebook, iMessage or Email for FREE!!

More sharing methods including Twitter and Air Drop are coming soon, so stay tuned!!


– Over 25 characters/voices to choose from
– Unlockable characters
– Awesome Vs. Mode theme
– Save your recorded files for free
– Share via Facebook, Email, iMessage, and What’s App
– Add photos to your voice recording and make awesome videos to share on social media!
– Change existing recordings to different voices
– Trim control

Please make sure your Mute button is off and the volume is up to ensure proper functionality of this application.

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Toneaphone Owner Bio (

Gary Carr is the Owner of Toneaphone, LLC, and a Graphic Designer by trade. Producing over a dozen iOS/Android applications since 2009, Gary has designed all graphics in every application he owns by himself. His newest title, Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ was just released, and has been gaining traction ever since.

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