Amazing Opportunity for Homeless Non-Profit Organizations

Montgomery & Graham Inc. are using $9000 to Sponsor the Homeless

Recently the economy has had many ups and downs but the economic downturns have left many on the street, Montgomery & Graham Inc. have created a program in an attempt to make a difference in as many lives as possible. Even the smallest donations can have a major impact and in this specific case there will be 18 donations each of $500 made, totalling $9000 in donations. Montgomery & Graham Inc. is an insurance strategic planner that has been helping in the Northwest United States since 1997, and at this time they are making an effort to help everybody that is now struggling in this region. This company has the experience to help you and your business reach new heights and continue to grow whilst all the while being protected with insurance. In addition to providing expert solutions they practice with top of the line customer service which is shown again through the introduction of this program.

Through this program Montgomery and Graham Inc. have dedicated themselves to helping these organizations increase their internet exposure and branding processes in addition to receiving a $500 donation that will make a big difference in a lot of lives. Social responsibility is a key for all companies today as being involved in the surrounding community will not only build business but help you make a difference. This is exactly what Montgomery and Graham Inc. wants to do by spreading the information and helping a number of not for profits flourish in this time of regrowth. You can always count at the great people at Montgomery and Graham Inc. to do their part in society in addition to continue to provide the expert solutions and insurance strategic planning that they have so much experience doing.

Currently, Montgomery and Graham Inc. is looking for these not for profit organizations that need the money and that will experience and flourish with this beneficial donation. The focus is on organizations in the Northwest region, specifically Oregon and Washington and will go to not for profit organizations that need a financial boost and to help increase their online awareness. If you know someone or utilize a practicing program that could use this donation from Montgomery and Graham Inc. please do not hesitate to fill out an application so we can help. Montgomery and Graham Inc. wants to make a difference in many lives and hear about the successes that they have allowed to happen, so don’t hesitate and get in touch today. 

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