Combining Many Photos is Now Simpler With Wrapino Photo Technology

Move Your Mouse Over Images to See Wrapino Technology

After several photo technology programs available these days, Wrapino is the new photo technology that is increasingly Today, people love being visually stimulated that forms a social network which is exclusively based on photo sharing.

Basic Function

Wrapino has been introduced as an innovative service that helps combine several images in order to show them together as one collaborative photo that consists of multiple pictures. By moving the cursor anywhere on this newly formed interactive image, users can easily select a photo that they would like to maximize.

Why Wrapino? 

When it comes to showing many images in one place to save time, a lot of people find it difficult. For instance, when we attend a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, a conference or any other gathering, we take a lot of photos. In these photos, there are some that we want to see or show to someone as soon as we have all the photos in front of us on a laptop or computer. It will be a great experience to have all the images right there in one place and where you are able to click on any image and instantly see it in full-size. Not only you will enjoy, the person sitting next to you seeing your photos will also love it.

Similarly, when it comes to sharing your photos, in one situation, you can share all the photos on Flickr or similar other sharing websites. But using Wrapino in another situation will be an entirely different experience. It will be a great idea to combine all your images in one photo, so your friends see them all at once without any next/previous button click.

Also, major publishers, such as CNN, sometimes like being able to show several photos in one place, but in order to make their articles short and efficient, they have to choose only one or two photos to show. While using Wrapino, they can easily show as many photos as they need.

Wrapino is 100% free to use and the users can easily choose to keep their Wrapino photos public or private in the privacy settings.

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