Galaxy S5 Wallet Covers to best Protect Your Smartphone

These days we generally own mobile phones which can be usually expensive and therefore are very delicate. So these smartphones should be handled carefully. To shield these smartphones from dust and scratches around the super AMOLED screen we would need to protect it with a case, and wallet covers are my favorites. These wallet covers also protect the phones from accidental breakage and few climate conditions like rains or splashes.

Great Things about Wallet Covers

Aside from giving protection for the smartphones, these covers also act as a style quotient. These covers can be found in various charming colors very often attract people. These covers can be obtained at various price ranges based upon the quality. So an end user can find a cover in their budget and flaunt their smartphone with style. Here’s a quick review of the best-selling Galaxy S5 Cases.

Reviews on Galaxy S5 Wallet Covers

There are numerous kinds of covers available for sale for Samsung Galaxy S5. Reviews on some of the covers are highlighted below.

1. Leather Wallet Flip case for Galaxy S5 by IZENGATE 

This cover comprised of premium PU leather. It claims itself to be a perfect fit for Galaxy S5. This cover is very an easy task to install. One can just simply snap the smartphone into it. When using this cover one can easily access the power button, volume keys, camera, connectors along with the speakers. It is a flip cover constructed with back stand facility that is you can easily flip and fold it. This cover has two slots for cards, one slot to carry the identity card, one slot for cash and one detachable strap. Overall, if you utilize this cover you won’t need to possess a wallet, your debit and credit cards along with your identity cards separately.

2. Wallet Leather Cover created by SUPCASE 

This cover consist of synthetic leather and therefore it has a greater durability. All of the ports and the buttons could be accessed when using this cover. It’s got inbuilt slots in order to keep your credit cards as well as a separate slot for keeping some cash. This cover could be folded thus it’s comfortable for video chatting. Both fingerprint scanner and heartbeat sensor might be accessed with this cover. This cover is 2 ounce and so it is very light carry.

3. Folio Wallet Case

Another type of cover that is available for galaxy S5 is folio type wallet case which is available in both brown and black colour and hence offers a sophisticated look and feel to your S5. It’s three card slots to keep your credit and debit cards. It also features an inner pocket to keep your identity card. It sports nice cutouts that permit the consumer to gain access to all of the ports and buttons without difficulties. Additionally, it has an inbuilt stand and therefore comfortable for watching videos and for video chatting. This cover sports a rubberised TPU that can withstand the shock in case the user drops down the phone.

These covers are available with a reasonable price and can be ordered online from

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