How to Increase Android Smartphone’s Performance

If you have an Android device, bear in mind that the OS will diminish over time. The only thing that you can do is to update it. Your Android operating system can remain fast and light, as long as you do regular and routine clean up and maintenance.

One of the main reasons why the Android is slowing down is because you packed your gadget with lots of apps. That’s okay; you can still do it if you also do these following stuffs to ease off the burden from your gadget. So, here are several tips to increase android smartphone’s performance:

Really know your gadget.

If you know its bet strength as well as its drawbacks, you won’t burden it with apps that won’t even work well on it. If you don’t overburden it, your gadget’s performance and work will remain on the top chart for long period of time.

Update, update, and update.

You should always update the apps as the newest versions are supposed to make the apps work faster and better. When you update the apps, you make sure that they stay in the best stability with better speed and other new features that are handy and friendly for the users. When the new updates are available, be sure to get them so your apps stay in their best performance.

Delete any unwanted apps.

Keep in mind that all the apps you install within your device will require some space; not to mention that they also run on background process. The more apps you have, the fewer spaces left. The more spaces being used, the slower your gadget will be. Be sure to only install apps that you use and need. If there are apps that you rarely use – and you don’t need them – you can remove them.

Disable any unnecessary apps.

Disabling is different from removing or uninstalling. When you remove an app, you delete it completely. When you disable an app, you don’t delete it; you simply make it not visible on the app tray or home screen – but the app is still there. Thanks to Performance Assistant feature, you can do this disabling mode easily.  If you need it, you can re-enable it again.

Use high speed and spacious memory card.

If your gadget has low internal memory, this high speed external card can really help improving its performance. Not only you can get additional storage capacity, you can also boost the speed. The memory card can range between 2GB and 32GB, depending on how much you have and how much you are willing to spend. You can always choose using memory card with class 6 or class 10 for better performance.

Limit the widgets.

Unlike apps, widgets will always stay active and running once you activate them. Of course they are functional, but limit their numbers can actually boost the performance of your gadget.

Avoid using live wallpaper.

Having live wallpaper is certainly a treat for the sore eyes, but not only they use up battery faster, they also need more CPU cycles to remain active.

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