MGBenefits 9K for the Homeless a WeThinkItMatters Inc Project

Recently the economy has had many ups and downs and the economic downturns have left many on the street. To help out those in need in the Northwest WeThinkItMatters Inc. are working with  Montgomery & Graham, Inc. on a web design project. And by M&G choosing to work together with WeThinkItMatters Inc. have made nine thousand dollars available for sponsorships to non-profits serving the homeless. Any amount of funds can have a major impact on those in need and in this specific case there will be 18 sponsorships each of $500 made, totaling $9000. Montgomery & Graham Inc. is an innovative insurance company that has been helping clients with employee benefits in Oregon and Washington State since 1997. The team at MBBenefits have the experience to help you and your business reach new heights with the latest insurance coverage strategies. In addition to providing expert business solutions they offer top of the line customer service.

This might be one of the reasons they choose WeThinkItMatters Inc. when they were looking to re-model their website and help their clients stay informed about healthcare insurance issues. All of WeThinkItMatters Inc’s projects benefit some kind of charity; fifty percent of their revenue is used to sponsor non-profit organizations their clients are passionate about.

Through this partnership Montgomery & Graham Inc. decided to focus on helping organizations serving the homeless in the Northwest.  Causes receive increased exposure and brand awareness in addition to receiving a $500 sponsorship that will make a big difference in a lot of lives. Social responsibility is key for all companies today and will help build stronger communities. You can always count on the great people at M&G to do their part in the communities they serve and to provide expert business solutions and strategic insurance planning.

Currently, WeThinkItMatters Inc. is looking for 18 not for profit organizations interested in sharing what $500 does and creates for their mission. The focus is on those helping the homeless in the Northwest region, specifically Oregon and Washington. If you know someone that can utilize a sponsorship and recognition please do not hesitate to share the application.  Or sign-up to see the difference sponsorships create in many lives and hear about the non-profits successes. So what are you waiting for, don’t hesitate and get in touch today!

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