Microsoft Plans to Breakdown the Sales of Apple Devices With Surface Pro 3

Microsoft for a long period of time has been looking for a strike in the market and yet again it has found a new platform in the form of Surface Pro 3 which will be the first of its kind. This Microsoft product will give its users an experience of a tablet and a laptop in just one piece. Microsoft has also ensured that this product will also save money from buying an iPad and a MacBook as both of these products when bought are expensive to the user. The Surface Pro 3 itself will come at price of a disconnected user who does not have much experience.

The introduction of the Surface Pro 3 suggests that the company was already dragging on 2 in 1 portable computers after the release of Windows 8. It was working on third party basis to make more dual use systems which would provide experiences of both a tablet and a laptop at the same time. The Surface Pro 3 also reduces the need of buying a MacBook and an iPad and questions them that why would they need both of these when the Surface Pro 3 is present. However Apple’s history and its system of belief in its products answer this. This puts on a challenge for Apple about working with both the MacBook and the iPad.

Generally, the iPad and the MacBook are different devices. This can be proved by Steve Job’s statement in an industry conference in which he announced the introduction of a device named iPad. This was before the coming of iPhone and after the introduction of iPhone the company had two choices, whether to carry on the iPhone’s software to build on a tablet or else include some Mac apps and the touch feature to make it dual use while Microsoft went for dual use technology. Apple makes money by selling two or more devices each designed for a separate function though it could still make a dual use device such as Surface Pro 3. It could make some corrections taking the idea of MacBook air adding Mac apps and touch screen with other concessions.

If such a device was present it would have not faced the challenges of the surface pro 3. However there are some problems in the Surface Pro 3 as well regarding the Windows Apps especially regarding office that these are not fully touch functioned and they have a limit of the ‘touch’ function. The Apple foundation is having a similar approach as the Microsoft of making better devices and it is also developing better software as Microsoft is looking more towards Windows improvement to make it more touch optimized. Apple believes that if the iPad project is closed then they will start losing compatibility so instead of doing this they are making some reasonable developments in the apps. Apple will surely maintain its hold on the ‘pc-world’ through Mac but will lose its consumer support and will surely have something to think about.

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