Montgomery & Graham Innovative Insurance Options for Businesses and Individuals

For those looking to manage the cost of medical, dental and other insurance services for a business, as well as retirement planning for company employees, Montgomery & Graham, Inc. provide the options that are likely to offer just what a business needs. Offering Washington and Oregon innovative group health insurance and employer benefits, M&G work with businesses to plan employee benefits everyone will be happy with.  In addition, M&G can provide much needed property and casualty insurance to lessen the risks to a business. And for individuals, Montgomery & Graham also provide insurance to people with many different kinds of needs.

Today those who run large companies are busy with numerous responsibilities. Few people have the resources or time to manage their own benefit packages. Montgomery & Graham, Inc. is dedicated to company well-being and whatever it takes to meet each company’s needs for planning employee benefits. The company was founded in 1997 and has worked since that time to offer the highest quality benefits to save a business money and retain employees. In addition, M&G provides the outstanding property and casualty protection and risk management insurance. Montgomery & Graham knows those looking for innovative insurance or retirement planning need a company employees can ask questions and get answers from.  With MGClientcare talking to a real person is always an option.

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. evaluate and assess all aspects of a business’s insurance needs, retirement planning, medical, dental, and life insurance in an employer’s benefits’ package. M&G will also ask employees about the benefits program through research and surveys. An employer will then be able to tailor a package, so their workers will be happy with their employee benefits.  All necessary paperwork and communications with insurance providers will also be handled by Montgomery & Graham to take the burden off of the company.

In today’s society, with lawsuits so prevalent, property and casualty insurance can minimize the risk to a company and enable a company to be more profitable. Montgomery & Graham will find the best coverage for an employer and establish protection for that company. Services are offered such as fleet safety programs, contract reviews, and business interruption insurance. A company using the services of M&G can rest assured they have adequate protection.  

Montgomery & Graham also offer employees benefit management tools to help take the stress out of claims. They offer programs for individuals with many different types of needs, between jobs, and those seeking alternative care. Montgomery & Graham, Inc. do more than just provide insurance, they offer solutions. M&G compare plans and help clients decide which option is best for them. Find out more about their services that will save you money and provide the best policies available.

Some of Montgomery & Graham’s  awards include:

  • Platinum Agency Kaiser Award in 2008, 2007 and 2005
  • Agency of the Year Award from Portland Association Health Underwriters in 2002
  • Light House Award. This was given for being among the fastest growing private companies for five consecutive years
  • Fastest Growing Private 100 Companies, 2003-2009

Montgomery and Graham partners with a number of organizations to be able to provide options that lead the industry in innovation. You may find that a quote from them can save you thousands. Compare their services to those offered by your insurance broker. Visit for a free consultation, and find out much you can save on health insurance and employee benefits. Provide coverage your employees will feel safe and secure with, while protecting your bottom line.

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