What are the Advantages of an Online Dictionary?

A couple of years ago, people used to flip through the pages of a print dictionary when they wanted to find the meaning of a word. Once the word was found, people had to go through a long list of entries to understand its meaning in a particular content. Needless to say, it was a time consuming task and was often seen as a hassle. Moreover, there were also some dictionaries that did not contain all the possible words so you had to go find a better and bigger one. All this spelled hassle for people, but luckily, the internet has also revolutionized the concept of dictionaries. No longer do people have to do deal with print dictionaries as they can simply use an online dictionary for looking up the meaning of a word.

Furthermore, online dictionaries can be used for a wide array of purposes and provide lots of benefits to people, some of which are:


While the price of a dictionary might not be too high, it can create a lot of expense when people buy dictionaries for different subjects. There are numerous dictionaries online that are available for free and people don’t have to pay a dime for using them.


The popularity of online dictionaries also increased because people don’t have to flip through its pages tiredly when they want to check up a word. It takes only a second for them to find the word they want as all they have to do is type it in the search box and press search. Hence, the efficiency offered by online dictionaries allows people to have free time to read additional material.


As compared to print dictionaries, the font size of online dictionaries is far more legible. People don’t have to strain their eyes when they are looking up a word in an online dictionary.


A great benefit of using online dictionaries is that they are multifunctional. Print dictionaries have limited space so they cannot go into extra detail regarding every word. Online dictionaries, on the other hand, have the ability of providing a wealth of information that’s related with the word such as its synonyms, antonyms, sentences, slang words etc. This information can prove to be highly useful.

Learning Tool 

Online dictionaries are an excellent tool for individuals who are hungry for knowledge. These dictionaries have branched out for ramifying in various aspects. This means that they aren’t just used by people for looking up the meanings of different words. As a matter of fact, online dictionaries are being used as a compact tool for entertainment and knowledge. They can be used for word games like word of the day etc., as a style guide and even a thesaurus. Furthermore, these dictionaries are also offering the feature of translation. They can translate words into different languages such as translation in Korean, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Japanese etc. The translations are only a click away.

Thus, people can learn the meaning of a word in any language with an online dictionary.

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