Why Should a Business Use Facebook For Promotion?

Facebook doesn’t really require an introduction as it is the king of social networks. It has become the biggest social network as it has over a billion users and this user base is growing on a regular basis. It is no longer used just for personal use by people, but has also become a widely used platform by businesses that wish to take advantage of the marketing potential the social network has to offer. It provides businesses with the opportunity of growing and creating an engaged community of clients, which can generate potential sales leads. There are a myriad of reasons why using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy would help a business in growing and expanding. Some of these reasons are discussed here:

1- Branding: Businesses looking to generate brand awareness will discover that Facebook is a great resource for doing so. As the social network is becoming highly popular in varied age demographics, it can prove to be a great interception point for building personal relationships with existing and potential clients.
2- Customer Engagement: There are numerous applications on the social network that can be used by a business for communicating events, contests and promotions. Facebook is a useful platform for enticing customers into engaging with the brand, product and service of a business.
3- Driving Web Traffic: A business page on Facebook can prove to be a portal point when a business wishes to drive traffic to their website and other online properties such as blogs etc. As long as the website’s link is there on the Facebook page, there will be a rise in traffic.
4- Reputation Management: Facebook is also a great tool for knowing what people think and say about your brand. Any rumors can be addresses via the social network and a business can also get favorable rankings in search engine listings because the Facebook profile will be indexed in the results. A good number of Facebook fans plays a very important role in this regard. Services, such as http://themarketingheaven.com/buy-facebook-likes can be used for this purpose.
5- New Customers: The social network gives the business access to a worldwide target audience and a business can find customers that it hadn’t discovered otherwise.
6- Client Retention: Not only can Facebook benefit the business by providing new clients, it is also an excellent way to retain the old and existing clients. This is because relationships can be developed via the social network and brand loyalty can be encouraged.
7- Inherent Value: Social networking itself has an inherent value. When potential clients use search engines for investigating a company, having a Facebook page will work in the favor of the business as it would give them the ‘cool factor’. The potential client will know that the business remains updated and it will have a good impact on the perception of the brand.
8- Feedback Mechanism: A business can also use Facebook for getting feedback from customers regarding any potential and new products and services. They can also make adjustments to current products according to the feedback they receive and keep the customers interested.

These are some reasons why the potential of Facebook for a business cannot be ignored. 


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