3 Social Media Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Whether you are planning for the product launch of your new business venture or preparing to revamp your pre-existing brand, social media is the turning point for both the ideas. Sooner or later every business has to engage in its social media marketing to spread the word across the globe. So are you done with the preliminary research on the execution of your marketing plan over the social media platform? Well if you said yes for researching on your own brand’s strategy then you are lagging behind. Conducting appropriate research is the main slip up point for every other brand. Basically you need to undergo an extensive research on the social media activities of your competitor brands more than your own. An intelligent move is not to learn from your own mistakes, but to learn from your competitor’s pitfalls to avoid them in future. Given below is a list of 3 recurring blunders of social media marketing that are repeatedly damaging the social media repute of renowned businesses. If you are trying to save yours, then give a look to the below stated marketing mistakes:

1. Mixed Up Accounts

Now a days, several android and smart phone applications have eased the access to your social media website especially if you are dealing with multiple accounts. Now you can toggle back and switch between multiple social media accounts to tweet about your personal life or post a status update regarding your professional brand, all at the same time. However, it equally involves the chances of risk between wrong updates to wrong accounts. For instance, a recent tweet from the corporate account of Chrysler stated, ‘I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f*cking drive’. This non-professional post from his professional social media account added him in the list of those people who got fired for such posts that damaged the reputation of the business/brand they are associated with. Hence, always make sure to use different apps to completely limit the simultaneous access between your personal as well as professional account.

2. Socializing 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

Social media being a digital platform does not limit the access of clients with a strict ‘9 to 5’ timing schedule. People can visit your social media page any time of the day. Hence, make sure to market your brand over the social media 24/7 with regular updates, daily posting about exclusive promotions or offers, vacancies, and any new occurring relating to your business/brand. Daniel Figueroa, a Social Media Cabo Marketing Expert, says, “Always remember the fact that unlike humans, social media never sleeps and unforeseen emergencies or need to gather information can occur any time of the day”. Hence, a forever available online support will be a cherry on top of a remarkable social media marketing strategy.

3. Automated ‘Everything and Anything’

The epidemic growth of social media apps has introduced all the tools to handle your social media marketing activities if you trigger the automated mode. So now you can sit back and relax. But are you sure you were really looking for a robot to handle your humanly business? An automated mode will schedule your posts, change your profile picture, but the worst of all it will reply to the ‘human’ queries with canned ‘bot’ responses, which ultimately disappoints your client and hence stain the image of your business’s support desk.

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