Advantages of Touchscreen Laptops That Make Our Work Life Easier

The advent of a new era of technology, 21st century has become increasingly dependent on machines and gadgets. Mobile phones, Laptops, Tablets. etc. are an inseparable part of our daily lives. Talking about technological advancements touchscreen facility is one of the revolutionary inventions of mankind. Today our devices like mobile phones and tablets are majorly working on touchscreen technology which is in fact highly user friendly and gives the user a great GUI experience. The work we used to do by pressing those hard buttons on phone can be now done by a flick of our finger.

Mobile phones with touchscreen facility were a revolution in the industry, then came the tablets which are bigger, better and more interactive than mobile phones and capable of doing much more heavy work, but now in the market we are seeing a very new member in the field of touchscreen family and that is a Touch Screen Laptop. Sounds weird? Well keeping the advancements and more interactive applications and OS in mind, companies have launched these laptops with touchscreen facility.

It is obvious today that with loads of application in our laptops specially when we talk about Windows 8 we tend to work faster and better. but old age track pads were not so fast and interactive and do not even provide the facility of multiple touch. Actions like enlarging a picture or while editing one or selecting a large number of items at once or may be its rotating the whole text or picture, all these were pretty difficult to be accomplished by a track pad but using a touchscreen makes it an easy pie. Some special benefits of touchscreen laptops are:

1. Navigation through applications is easier.
2. Multiple touch sensing makes the work more user friendly.
3. Using the stylus pen the writing or drawing work becomes way more easier than even before.
4. Playing games based on touchscreen like fruit ninja can be done now on a laptop.
5. Tasks of designing becomes much more interactive.

We can see an entirely new kind of hardware in the market, ultra books with touchscreen facility provides the user with best of both worlds, it can be used as a laptop and can be completely folded to be used as a tablet. Further few companies have come up with a new concept of touchscreen tablets which can be anytime attached with a keyboard and you can use it as a laptop.

No doubt, everything is not perfect thus laptops with touchscreen facility has some drawbacks also like:

1. Continuous touching of the screen leads to smears which many people don’t like at their screens.
2. Long usage of touchscreen laptop is difficult as your arm will start hurting after some time.
3. Battery life of the laptops also drop due to increased energy consumption by the touchscreen.

Well keeping all the points into consideration and most important of all when a touchscreen laptop does not cost very high in comparison with a non touchscreen one having a similar configuration then definitely the benefits are more in favor of this latest piece of technology.

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