Always Be Informed and Responsive With The Klone App

Technology has made its way into our lives and we can’t think of living without it today. Technology is made better with time to facilitate the people, make hard things easy and easy things easier. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the most popular gadgets of our time. While there is always a debate going on between the followers of a particular company and the fans of another company, some people prefer to differ. They don’t support a particular product instead thy support technology. People with such mindset will not mind to keep an Android as well as Apple phone.

However, it can become quite challenging to manage an Android phone and iPhone at the same time. You can’t carry both the phones with you all the time since you won’t feel like filling all your pockets with smartphones. Furthermore, some people like to use one device on a day and another device on another day. For such people it is hard to keep a track of what’s happening on one of their phones when they are holding another. Klone App has come up with the solution for such people. This application is designed to keep you informed regardless of which phone you are carrying in your pocket.

What if you are carrying your iPhone with you and someone tried to call you on your Android phone that has a different SIM on it? The Klone app forwards the notification of this call to your iPhone so you can respond within seconds. These notifications are in the form of push messages and you get a clear detail of the activity on the other phone with time stamps. You can receive the updates of your WhatsApp on your iPhone with the help of Klone App.

The biggest reason people buy Android phones is freedom. They want freedom of choice and need no boundaries when it comes to what type of application they can install. However, iPhone doesn’t offer such features and you are limited within an “Apple” circle when using iPhone or iPad. This is where we come to know that Klone App is really going to help the people using both the phones. This application will send you the notifications of any activities that take place on the applications installed on your Android phone. If an application needs an immediate update, you will receive the notification for that on your iPhone or iPad within seconds.

It wouldn’t be right to say that Klone App is in its finest shape right now. However, the company is fully prepared to take on the challenges and make this application more practical and useful with time. Users of the application and those who know about it have been urged to give their comments and ideas about what features should be included on the application. As for now, people who love using Android phones as well as the iPhone on different days can greatly benefit from the current features of the application. The application needs to be installed on both phones to work.

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