Cautious Driving with the Automatic App

The Automatic link device is very important. It is basically designed to collect information about a person’s vehicle and then send it to the person who basically owns the vehicle. The user can then use the data to quite a large extent and the main advantage is that while connecting or transferring data about the car, the user does not have to face problems regarding how to use the system because the system itself is user friendly. The device also informs the users of driving rules and the driving habits which result in wasting of fuel. It also keeps the user updated on engine issues and the car’s location. It also gives a score after the drive by collecting a lot of data. The new update was announced officially on the web by the company this week.

Crash alert feature helps to inform the driver if his car has had an accident.  Even if the accident occurs the data is straightaway sent to emergency services about the accident and also the location of the accident to avoid injuries and deaths.  It also informs the family and friends of the user about the accident and the measures taken immediately to avoid any injury or death if the user has enabled the permission. This feature was previously available only on IOS.

However The Do Not Disturb app is specially made for Android. This feature’s job is to keep the phone quiet when the user is driving. If a call or a message is received the app sends the message to the caller or the one who is messaging that the user is driving. It also has an interesting feature that is when any e-mail or any other form of a message comes while the user is driving the app automatically mutes these services not in case of normal calls and messages where the app sends or informs the user that the other person whom he/she is trying to communicate is driving.

The Do Not Disturb feature was basically created to remove or to stop the efforts to distract the driver when he is driving. This is also a way to avoid road accidents. This function has been praised by the US traffic control and Road Safety. Not even these people but also the automakers and the technology developers are giving importance to road safety by creating better engines and by alarming the people about the road safety.  The Automatic app costs at retail price around $99 and is easily available at the Google Play store for people to download on their Android smartphones.

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