Cooperation is Must for US and China to Put Human Boots on Mars

The exact time left to humanity to disappear is not quite enough according to the experts and that is why scientists and other groups such as NASA are looking for other places to survive and mars has been stated the most suitable. NASA wants to send some people to mars but many things still stand in the way, the trip itself is very expensive. The US human space flight program has stated that to send robots or even humans to mars some international friendship is required especially with some giants like China. This is because humans are still not sure about the atmospheric and the technological requirements that are required.

According to the program the mission can’t be accomplished unless NASA doesn’t get budget and support from the government which is quite necessary.  The goals are difficult to achieve due to the lack of public interest and benefits from the adventure.  However some ways have been highlighted by the program which can make this adventure possible. Firstly by sending flights to places closer to Earth like the Moon or an asteroid.  This would help in knowing about the different requirements to go further.

The expense in the trip could be met by international cooperation. NASA has support of US, Russia and the European Space and all of them can join hands and pay the amount.  Apart from the US all of them have their interest in moon flights and the last way left for US on this prospect is to build a base on Moon to make it easier to step on Mars or to share its plans with the rest of the members. Cooperation especially with China is required as it has the most advanced Space technology developed since the first trip in 2003. China has been doing bigger things such as trying to grow food on moon for longer trips. China’s friendship can result in a large number of money. The problem is that due to national security concerns US has not allowed NASA to play nice with China. This strained relationship results in nothing but hope to the US space agency. China is the most advanced in space skills which is quite handy.

What US can do is to keep the work going with its private trustees such as SpaceX and Orbital Sciences which are working on maintaining space flights which go around Earth. US is not much convinced especially from SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, which is made by the ferry astronauts to the ISS will be able to fly to Mars. A multi-millionaire Denis Toto started his plan named Inspiration Mars to keep human feet on mars but UA has not given the slightest interest even though it is privately held and funded and requires some Space help from NASA which the owner himself has stated the importance of NASA in this private project.

This plan to fly to Mars can only succeed if US play safely with its fellow partners and ask for cooperation. Then only human boots on Mars is possible.

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