Crocodile Wrestling: Learn Apple-an- iPad-Style Online Marketing by Edward azorbo

Have you ever asked yourself why brands like Apple elicit so much emotion that some people will even get in line with a sleeping bag to buy them?

How is it that some brands, such as Benetton, are able to play around with controversy and we can’t help but look at what they’re doing?

There’s a Secret that many Marketing cracks know and use. Putting this Secret into practice for your Online Marketing can take your game to the next level.

There’s an Earl Nightingale saying that I love. Earl Nightingale was one of the pioneers of the self-help industry. The translation of his saying, more or less, is the following:

“If you want to get ahead of the pack and have success in life, look around you and see what everyone else is doing and then do the exact opposite.”

The problem is that Online Marketing in Spain suffers from corporatism ad nausea. It’s the syndrome of MBAs with suits.

Today I’m going to give you another tool to put in your toolbox; this “tool” is the total opposite of what most people do.

So to start off with I have to give you a brief lesson in biology. Specifically, we’re going to talk about how the brain works.

The latest advances in neuroscience show that the brain has developed in three phases.

The first phase includes the Reptilian Brain or Archicerebellum.

It’s more than 500 million years old.

It’s responsible for filtering the first messages that enter the brain.

It’s the part that generates the most basic responses, like the fight or flight response. It’s what makes us automatically react in a rapid or primitive manner. Its objective is survival.

The second phase includes the Mammalian Brain or Limbic System.

This is focused on the meaning of things and social situations. It’s emotional and instinctive.

And lastly we have the third phase, the Neocortex or Rational Brain.

This is where we put into practice our ability to analyze cause and effect, to solve problems, and to analyze complex situations by applying reasoning.

Now that we understand the three phases, it’s important to keep this concept in mind.

The gateway to and the first filter for the brain is the Reptilian Brain.

Our friend the reptilian brain is very primitive. It doesn’t like complex corporate-style language, which bores it.

It ignores it if it isn’t dangerous.
It ignores it if it isn’t new.
It ignores it if it isn’t sufficiently different.

It likes simplicity. It doesn’t want anything complex.

The other day a very corporate-style business contacted the Online Rebels. It was a business software company.

He told me that he didn’t know if our Marketing philosophy was going to work in his sector.

I replied, “And yet despite the way you understand Marketing, here you are right now talking to me, looking for a Marketing Superhero Agency radically different from what you’ve found elsewhere on the market.”

His only response was silence…

It doesn’t matter what market you’re dealing with, what your product is, whether you sell to businesses or individual consumers… It’s Smart Marketing when you use the natural human method to communicate your messages and sell your products.

It’s Smart Marketing when you first get your potential client’s attention and then present your case with your maximum focus on what that particular client values.

In the Era of Online Marketing, with the avalanche of information (posts, emails, videos, etc, etc), if you’re not capable of breaking the barriers that everyone puts up, no one’s going to read your Marketing.

When you get right down to it, good Online Marketing is about numbers and psychology.

It’s not about conversations on social networks.

It’s not about creating a happy community in “Social Media.”Good Online Marketing is about results, it’s about ROI, it’s about doing Attraction Marketing.

And if you want the ROI, if you want to attract people, then people have to read your messages.

Because in the end, if they don’t open your emails, don’t see your post, and don’t visit your YouTube channel… you get nothing.

If you’ve lost last week’s post about attention-grabbing as the new money in Online Marketing, you can still read it here: The Secret that Lady Gaga and the magician Houdini share that lets you make more money online [nota: pon un hyperlink aquí].

By Edward Azorbo.

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