First 14-Nanometer Processor Revealed by Intel

Intel corporation following this day became the first ever company to use 14-Nanometer technology in its processor. It was used by Intel to make the core M processor which is used in multi-built devices as the Surface Pro 3. It is basically designed for 2 in 1 devices which are excellent quality tablets and thin laptops which have compatible speed and this processor contributes a lot to their functioning. The announcement of this project was made at Computex Taipei which is the world’s second-largest computer trade show. In this show the announcement of 12.5-inch Transformer Book T300 Chi detachable laptop from Taiwan’s Asustek Computer Inc. which uses the new technology introduced by Intel. The announcement was done by the Intel corporation president.

Intel itself has praised the technology and has classified the core M processor as the best ever introduced in Intel’s history which will release later this year as stated by the Intel sources and will put a strong stand in the market as it is the first of its kind.  The president of Intel also said that the Taiwan technology firm and Intel have a lot of opportunities in the future as started by this project which completely shows the new phase of the technology introduced by Intel. This will also build an advanced Intel as well as future cooperation with the Taiwan Technology which will ultimately lead to further new technology in the computing world. In case of different smart technologies such as smartphones and 2 in 1 devices, Intel and the Taiwan Technology can together lift the computing science to a different world.

Intel has currently 130 tablets to its name designed with the help of equipment purchased by it globally or by taking over the brand name which means by the original equipment manufacturer and the original design manufacturer. These tablets are currently in the market or will be in the market for sure in the following year or maybe the next year.  Most of them based on Intel’s processor were released at the Computex Taipei according to the president of Intel.  Young Liu, general manager of Innovation Digital System Business Group at Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group also supported the Intel view and helped Intel launch 10 tablets or even more ranging from low level to high level based on performances at the Computex Taipei. The releasing date was to be undecided though some were to be released at the point and some to be after the event.

The tablets are wide ranged and having a lot of types which are also based on the performances. They have entered or will enter from entry level or from High level tablets and will have Intel Mobile processors known as the Intel Atom Mobile processor and this will be attached with many Intel’s 3G or 4G LTE communication links.

Though Intel looks to enter the 14-Nanometer technology with a fresh start and hopes to achieve the desired results with the new technology.

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