Google Off To Face Its Europe Problems

Recently, a European court passed a ruling about ordering search engines to remove personal data of people as per the request of said individuals. This was however considered a serious blow in US and was believed as a takeover policy of Europe especially on the mighty search engine, Google. Google has since then been trying to solve these problems by taking the peoples voices. This was a quick response by the company after the ruling came to avoid any more image downfall which has been quite common in Europe.

The main problem highlighted by the people of Europe was about censorship when public searches are conducted. According to the C.E.O Google is now taking peoples opinion seriously to its fullest extent. Google has been keeping a good image for several years until now when the ruling came. While facing these problems in Europe it still has 90% market share in the continent with the rest to the other search engines. These search engines have also played a major part in increasing hatred among the people of Europe and Google.  Even politicians and European freedom groups have been calling Google as an enemy. The politicians have accused Google of its public searches being not too tolerant regarding private searches. A big example is of the German minister who after taking the office advised Google to be broken down for good. While the European personal websites have taken the matter even more further by calling Google an enemy.

The European Commission taking advantage of the popularity of the case has demanded Google to change or it may face fines worth billions like Microsoft did earlier. A member of the Dutch digital rights group confessed about the increasing unpopularity view of people.  The Europeans believe that Google is more an American company which is a direct link to National Security Agency providing helpful data through Gmail accounts. There is also one more ideology that is that Google is also a link to the US government spies.

To counter some of the problems Google made up a communication link with its European users allowing them to bring their problems to the company’s desk which it will look upon and decide through comparing the public view and the individual view. The CEO has assured maximum time spent in Europe which means some money as well. Google has also started lobbying through help wanted ads demanding individuals to solve its technological issues in Berlin, London, Rome and Brussels. On expanding through greater space Google has spent 1.5 million euros compared to Microsoft expenditure of 4.75 million euros. An economist at the European policy think-tank Brueghel thinks Google can take the case from European commission by explain the search problems occur only when people search them. Different officials think Google has been on top for too long and has been excellent in keeping up its image.

Google has provided freedom on web and shall do so for the next generation but due to the problems arising everywhere it needs some critical eyes on its searches!

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