Highlighting Features of PHP Scripts

Formerly known as Personal Home Page, PHP is a server side scripting language used in dynamic web development. It is currently known as hypertext processor, and being the first ever scripting language introduced by a PHP developer in 1995, is the most common practice of web designing now days. PHP scripts being open source in nature are free downloadable scripts found over the internet under the license of PHP. However, there are a number of commercial PHP developers that sell PHP scripts for customized web development. Hence whether you intend to use free PHP scripts or purchase customized scripts for server side processing, it is essential to have an insight into the uses of this user-friendly scripting language.

Execution of PHP Scripts

There are 2 main target areas of PHP scripts:

1.    Server Side Scripting

Server side PHP scripting requires a combination of PHP parser, web browser & a web server to directly embed PHP scripts to a HTML source code in order to generate dynamic web pages that are highly customized based on the user’s requirements.

2.    Command Line Scripting

Another area of use for PHP scripts is command line scripting that serves the purpose of simple text processing. In command line scripting, the execution of PHP scripts neither requires a web server nor a web browser, but a simple PHP parser to create dynamic web pages for your website.

Benefits of Using PHP Scripts

•    The biggest advantage of using PHP scripts is the dynamic nature, which makes its execution possible on all major operating systems. The easy execution of these user friendly scripts range from Linux OS to Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, RISC OS and many more to mention. Hence PHP scripts are flexible to function on any OS.
•    When we say that PHP is an open source programming language, it means it is 100% accessible owing to its cost effective nature. Hence, this free of cost web development tool can be the best medium to bring insights of traffic to your PHP based website.
•    Data handling has been made easier with the use of PHP scripts owing to the following data specific functions i.e.
i.    Data storage
ii.    Creating Cookies
iii.    Serialize
iv.    Efficient file management system
v.    Calculating the viewers of your website using cookies & PHP scripting sessions

Hence, PHP scripts can transform your small websites into gigantic database driven platforms.

•    The output of PHP scripts is not only confined to HTML as it yields dynamic outputs of images, flash movies and even PDF files. Hence, PHP execute the auto-generation of these files in order to prepare server side cache for the dynamic web content development of your website.
•    Moreover, many websites sell PHP scripts that support a wide range databases such as MySQL, SQL, cURL, etc.

Thus, it can be concluded that bringing the numerous benefits of PHP scripts into action can result in a dynamic production of web pages for your website to generate an insight of target audience traffic online.

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