How to Choose Best Kindle Conversion Service Company

E-Books have paved a great way for enthusiastic authors and publishers to get their books published and reached out to millions and millions of readers throughout the world.

Do you want to have your written work to be published as an eBook and sold through the online market?  It is an easy job as there are many self-publishing platforms available online to let you publish and market your book easily.   Due to the publicity gained by such leading self-publishing platforms in the world of eBook, you are provided with tremendous opportunities to sell your eBooks through them without any difficulty.  So, go ahead with kindle conversion and get your eBook easily published through Amazon, the leading, world-famous eBook publishing as well as seller platform, to get introduced to a wider circle of reader population of kindle eBooks across the globe.

Though the publishing platforms offer to get your manuscripts converted into the required eBook format, it is of course a tedious task for the authors, who are not well-versed in handling conversion processes.  Moreover, since those are automated tools, there is a lot of chance to get an undesirable output, including kindle conversion, when done using the free automated processes.  After doing all good work with the content of the book, if it would end up in bad formatting – resulting in uncomfortable reading experience, readers would give up trying to view the book.  Therefore, it is necessary to have your eBook handled by the experienced hands of a service provider, who could efficiently carry out conversion services.

How to choose the Right Service Provider for conversion of your manuscript into the acceptable eBook format?

Give a search for service providers who offer eBook conversion services.  Choose, vastly experienced service provider, who is up-to-date with the technology and applies the latest version for conversion services, especially, who is well versed in ePub as well as kindle conversion.

Look for:

The one who is highly Professional

While choosing the conversion service provider, look for those who adhere to the industry standards in formatting the eBooks, so that no trouble arises at any time.

The one who is dedicated

There are a number of service providers to do the formatting of your eBook, who could do a number of conversions within a short span using the automated tools. Quality becomes a question mark where automated tools are used for processing.  Automated processes could not offer to retain the originality of the content especially, those special characters, tables, images, fonts and even colors, resulting in undesirable view of these items in the eReader devices.  Service providers who involve manual processes should be opted for, who will be able to assure 99.95% quality and who take care to retain the originality.  They should also be testing the final files in certain devices to check and ensure trouble-free readability.

The one who is Reliable

The service provider should be able to offer revisions for free prior to delivering the final files, thus allowing the author to make minor changes to the content.  Further, they should be able to incorporate any changes that would have been caused at their end, for free.

The one who is Trustworthy

The service provider should offering enough security for your personal information including the content of the book, by providing encrypted data transmission as well as firewall protections, until your eBook  is published and also even after publication, if needed, as it is important to have your book’s content secured.

The one who offer service within a short TAT and at an affordable price

Service providers who offer top quality, guaranteed conversion service, at an affordable price, skilled enough to provide the files within a short, agreed turnaround time could be approached to get the job done perfectly.


An eBook formatted in top quality, ensuring perfect, trouble-free readability, with appealing looks could be winning the game of marketing.  Therefore, it is necessary to give equal importance to writing of the content as well as formatting of the file, to gain success.

About the Author:

The author of this article, Leena Paul, Editor at is heading their QC team.  She is a vastly experienced expert, well-versed with e-publishing processes.  She has been posting useful articles to help emerging authors with suggestions to successfully get introduced to the rapidly growing eBook community.

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