Innovative and Flexible Capital Raising in 2014

When you are looking to start a business, one of the biggest concerns is to find sufficient capital to get things moving. Though some businesses can begin with little startup money, a traditional business requires much more than just a large time commitment; it requires a large amount of money.

Finding this money is often not an easy task, but in the year 2014, things are getting a little bit simpler. In addition to the more traditional methods of gathering funds for a new business venture, there are more creative and unique ways that people can get started. By knowing where to look, you can be well on your way to procuring the funding that you need to get your business started in 2014.

Investment Companies

There is a wide range of investment companies out there that can help new businesses get the funds they need. Some of these companies offer more than just funding too, such as West Rock, where “We aim to strengthen businesses by offering management and business consulting and feasibility analysis to help strengthen businesses and further strengthen their positions relative to their respective markets.”1 With a company such as Westrock on your side, it becomes easy to see the benefits of an investment company.

Of course, getting funds from a company such as West-Rock is not the only solution, as there are many more creative methods to consider. Remember, raising capital for a business venture is much more complex than just the money aspect. You must consider the ongoing business relationship that you are entering into when you accept funds from an outside source.2

More Creative Solutions

Beyond going with a traditional investment company, there are more creative ways to go about raising money. One such method is to consult with friends and family. If you have a friend or family member who has the money to spare, he or she could become a valuable business partner. Then again, oftentimes this is simply not an option.

Fortunately, there are other options as well. One method of funding that has become increasing popular is crowd funding. This sort of funding takes from various donations around the world and can help you really get on the road. Keep in mind, though, that although 2014 has not been the best year for venture capital3, there is still plenty of opportunity out there. The key is to be able to present your case and know where to look.


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