Samsung and Ford Join Hands

Samsung recently this week signed a pact with Ford Automobiles of the United States of America to work together on developing multi-purpose and advanced car batteries. This information was received by the Samsung SDI. This new technology according to the pact will reduce weight unlike the other batteries and will give off a better performance on road and it will also improve the efficiency of the car. This new project will surely bring up some long-lasting and advanced car batteries.  This pact is the first ever agreement between the two giants respectively in their products.

This pact also highlights Samsung SDI’s biggest and the most dangerous rival in this project, the LG chemical. This is plainly because of the reason that is Ford up till now just before this pact has been developing car batteries by making use of the LG battery plant in Holland. This agreement has turned out to be a relief and more of a goal achieved for Samsung Electronics and the person behind this new goal is the Vice chairman of Samsung Electronics Lee Jae-Yong. Over the years Samsung has been looking on different points to improve its battery business seeing the flourish due to the expertise required in the business itself as it has a long return and will prove to be beneficial for the huge firm.

The efforts of Samsung have worked regarding expanding its battery business with the automobile parts business which it has started running a few years back. For improvement many foreign companies have been kept in touch to bring on more efficient and better products in the future.  The huge company is in a secure position dealing with the new battery pact as well the business and for dealing in bad times when its big business in smartphones and TV’s will produce slow sale or less public requirement. According to a Samsung spokesman the company had been looking for opportunities to improve the battery business and this deal will be healthy for the company. The batteries this pact will produce will be light weight and will be made up of Lithium-ion rather than nickel-metal packs coming in two or more types which make the battery heavier like in normal cars.

The both companies have planned to build dual systems for the batteries which would deliver a better braking system in commercial vehicles. The SDI has stated that the dual battery system will also increase the life of lead-acid batteries by combining them with Lithium-ion batteries. According to various sources Ford is planning to use these batteries in its future cars and also the start and stop technology. According to the Engineering department of Ford the start-stop technology basically refers to restarting the battery every time a person drive but with the dual system this won’t be needed due to the presence of parallel battery system. SDI supplies batteries to BMW, Chrysler and Mahindra and is still looking for more partners especially in US. Samsung has invested $600 million in a battery plant and according to experts Samsung has the potential to fly in battery business.

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