Speed Up Your PC with DiskDefrag Touch

When your PC starts slowing down, one of the first steps that should be taken is that of defragmentation. It so happens that when you are using your computer, your files may take more time in loading and opening and it seems sluggish. Typically, when files are open and then saved, they will end up on various locations on the hard disk. This means that they will have to be gathered up from several locations when the file is opened again. That’s why the PC slows down and the best way to eliminate this problem is with defragmentation. In this procedure, the fragmented pieces of a file are stored continuously so they can be opened quicker than before.

Manual defragmentation can take a lot of time so software is used instead. One of the top notch software that can be used for this purpose is DiskDefrag Touch. Previously, this software wasn’t compatible with touch screen computers, but now that capability has also been added. It has gained about 11 million users all over the world because it is a fast and compact defragmenter and doesn’t require much effort on the part of the users. A brand-new and stylish interface has been introduced for Windows 8 that offers users with extended optimization functionality, which can speed up the hard drive in minutes.

No worries for people with a touch screen PC because now they can slide, tap or swipe for performing the tasks that they did with a mouse previously. Individuals will be able to enjoy fast and smooth performance by optimizing programs that they use frequently such as their favorite games etc. The new version of this application has also made defragging a fun activity as it allows users to earn points, rewards etc. when they are using it. This new tool is completely different from the ones that were launched before.

It is a simple yet feature-laden program that can be clearly understood and implemented. Intelligent algorithms have been incorporated in the development of DiskDefrag Touch that offer users the option of selecting the program they like and using the software to optimize their performance for ensuring efficiency and speed. With this application, users will be able to notice a faster and quicker response from the programs they use frequently and they will take less time to open as files are accessed quickly. Furthermore, the application also gives a list of programs that can be optimized and this list is updated constantly.

Gamers, in particular, will enjoy the features and capabilities of this software as it aids them in improving their experience. They will be able to reduce lags, improve FPS rates and enjoy a smoother performance. The games will still run faster even if the PC isn’t updated. In addition, with disk defrag touch; defragging is no longer a boring task that you have to do. As a matter of fact, it can be made a fun activity as you get points, hunt for treasures and even compete with others.

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