The Perks of Using Social Intranets For Business

The purpose of intranets is to enhance the already existing communication process of a business between the management and the employees and also to provide user identities and storage space for every employee who is part of the business. The word intranet might be an old one, but social intranet is a newly coined term. Social intranets have two primary features; authorship, which means that everyone has the ability of creating content and connections, which means the ability of seeing people who have made the content and connecting with them meaningfully. This form of intranet is different from the traditional one as there are plenty of connections and the content is visible to all employees rather than a handful.

There are a number of benefits that can be enjoyed by a business when a social intranet is used and some of them are listed as follows:

Web Office

This is basically an online office, which is based on Microsoft office that’s used in an intranet environment. With web office, a web browser can be used by the employees for sharing documents, calendars and other files. It is also easy and convenient to manage company information and email and instant messaging can be used for communicating from any location. Employees only need a web browser so they can work from any PC as the intranet is used for accessing all other Office software.

Human Resources

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of social intranets is the fact that they allow a business to enhance their human resource department. Now all staff-related policies and documents can have a central location, which makes it easier to navigate the human resource department. Annual leave applications and expense allowance forms can easily be filled and submitted via the intranet.


Staff training also becomes less complicated and simpler as a variety of e-resources are delivered by the intranet right to the desktop of the user with the aid of the browser interface. Training for user policies, new software and company procedures can easily be provided by a business through the intranet.

Project Management

When the intranet is used for administering projects, everyone who is involved can receive regular updates regarding the status of the program because it is right at their fingertips. The internet can be used effectively for accessing products, resources, services and collaborative work.

Publishing and Paperwork Reduction

All mission statements, company documents, guidelines and policies for clients and staff can be published easily with the aid of the intranet. It is possible to access and also complete forms via the intranet and submit them to the relevant department. This can save considerable time and also reduce printing costs.


There is constant monitoring done for the security environment of the intranet and a username and password is given to each staff member for accessing the user interface. It is ensured by social intranets that no outsider is able to access sensitive and important company information. Corporate efficiency and security can be promoted with the help of these intranets.

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