Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog

Having a few more dollars is always desired. What if you want to earn few extra mullahs out of the nine to five jobs, just sitting at home with only a laptop or any other electronic device ion front you? Well, this is possible. Through blogging, you can fill your kitty with few extra bucks. It is fun and exciting and with a bit of your creativity, and also by following few steps you can earn more.

Google AdSense

A simple way to earn money is through Google AdSense. It provides flexible methods to earn money from websites, search results through engaging ads. AdSense has helped millions off publishers across the globe to increase their business in last one decade. In collaboration with different advertisers, AdSense publish relevant ads for your blog and can help you to fetch huge revenue.

Banner advertising

This form of advertising attracts visitors to the site or blog, where it is displayed. This advertisement is also known as click through. The host is paid when a visitor views the ad, or when the visitor clicks on the ad and lastly when viewers clicks the ad and completes the requisite action in the site of the advertiser. For banner advertising, it is essential that your blog should have quite a big number of followers, and it should also attract advertisers.

Affiliate marketing

Based on the traffic of your blog, you can take part in different marketing programs. Few of these programs are specifically for the blogs that have high visitor volume. So, if you have a good number of followers for your blog, you can take resort to this. On your blog, you can post a link of a product, and when a visitor clicks on it and orders the product, you get a part of their sale.

Sponsored reviews

With the popularity of your blog, you can earn through sponsored ads and reviews. You can even get paid for writing paid review of any product, for any website or blog. Advertisers look out for these reviews for their different products. In lieu of money, you need to write an article for the advertiser and post it in your blog.

Sell an EBook

Generally, through blog information is catered free to the viewers. EBook is an effective way of informing visitors. You can even sell those through your blog. The content of the EBook should have a connection with that of the blog. But, the EBook should elucidate the contents of your blog and should have some extra aspects to attract readers.

WordPress themes

If you have a nice brand or a theme in store, you can build a theme of WordPress based on it. It is a lucrative way of earning money. These themes will have a backlink to your site, and whenever they are sold, your blog will be considered the reference. It helps in generating traffic and also in getting free advertising.

Provide consulting services

Once you have proved the credential of your blog, you can next provide consultation to others. You can offer support to the readers and also other enterprises in the respective field. Consultation is not restricted only to online services, but also offline services.

Email marketing

After building a relationship with your readers, you can chalk out a list first. This will help you to earn more. It is the first step to sell merchandise. Start with an offer that is connected to your blog.

Sell merchandise

You can also merchandise like T-shirts, watches, coffee mugs through your blog. You can even set up a store on the net and get paid through it.


You can even have a donate button in your blog. If you have high quality content in your blog, readers will be motivated to donate you. Though this would up hefty sums to your kitty, but you can get a considerable amount through this.

Following these steps, earning extra money can be easy and convenient. All you need to cater your creative best to the readers and build up a reader or visitor base. And, the rest will follow automatically.

Author Bio: Sam Osborne is an avid blogger of Of late, he has earned in hefty amounts by utilizing different methodologies through his blogs.

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