Vodafone: The Government Spy Network

The telecommunication giant has been a direct process to various governments of various countries of spying on their own citizens. The news was passed on by the company itself in a report regarding the law of implementation and various policies of the company itself. The company said that it was acting as a direct link between the government and the people. The report mainly consisted of its various policies and some regulation on the 29 countries it was working in. Vodafone has mentioned in the report some ways through which the governments had been spying on people.

The first way was through lawful interference which would prevent any allegation regarding the legality of the method used. This gives the right to the governments to look on people of their own country which can be through a direct link or by having legal notices in hands of their respective agencies to look on or to know what their fellow citizens are up to. Many countries follow this law which states that only specific agencies or organization must have a direct link with the operator of any network and it can also bypass any control or the authority which the operator has on an individual. Countries such as India, Turkey, Hungary, Egypt, South Africa and Albania have forbidden the government to reveal the information they have captured from this method from their civilians. According to various sources Vodafone and other companies don’t even know that Governments or agencies are spying on them. According to the analysis of some experts and Vodafone itself there is very less unity and stability in terms of
practicing law and order regularly and also authority which is quite devastating . Even like the neighboring European Union states don’t trust each other at all.

The governments have suffered when their views have been ignored by the company and the company has disgraced their views calling them opposite to each other. The company also dislikes the response of the government to the public’s demand of showing the actions done in a swift and an easy way. The Snowden NSA leaks which happened a year ago which said that people are eager and pretty much determined to know government actions which they were not allowed to see. The people have started to raise their voices for example some websites and organizations have decided to form a group named ‘reset the Net’. This has got support of various famous websites such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Reddit and Mozilla. These websites have raised the need of privacy protection on web and are inviting more websites to do the same.

Vodafone will also make a report regarding the demands of different governments regarding seizing private information as soon as the new communication data is made available. Some allegation were also put on US based server for providing links directly to the servers for different agencies.

Google and different websites are taking a stand against this and are working on better encryption technology.

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