Website Offering Resources by and for Educators Seeks to Redefine Work/Life Balance While Improving Teaching Resources

With Australia’s teachers working an average of more than 55 hours a week and the introduction of a new national curriculum, the demands on teachers’ time have never been more challenging. A new website by and for teachers aims to improve education and help teachers achieve a better work-life balance. After several months of beta testing, Reaching Teachers is pleased to announce the launch of its full website, a resource exchange platform designed by and for teachers.

Reaching Teachers allows teachers to buy, share and sell information and resources on teaching methods. Thousands of teachers have already joined the website as contributors and buyers. Reaching Teachers is also an online community where teachers can communicate with each other about the best teaching methods and curricula.

The innovative website is the brainchild of Emily Ko, a primary school teacher, and her partner Kenneth Eu, who has a sales background. Ko is passionate about inspiring young people to become the bright leaders of tomorrow.

“Reaching Teachers was my way of contributing to the conversation about work-life balance,” said Ko. “The primary motivator for me was realizing that there are so many talented teachers whose methods were tested and effective and shaping young minds. Why not share that knowledge, enabling teachers to reach their students more effectively while at the same time working a few hours less during the week.”

Teachers work an average of more than 55 hours a week, more than any other Australian profession. Adding to the ever-increasing teacher workload is the Australian national curriculum, which was first introduced in 2010 and continues to undergo review and revision. Reaching Teachers contributes to the national standards from the grassroots up, by providing examples of methods which have worked and can be replicated in other places.

Ko’s entrepreneurial vision for the website includes an opportunity for great teachers to be recognized for their creativity, hard work and experience. The website, which is located at, also offers some free and priced teacher resources.

A main aim of the site is to help teachers by providing helpful resources for teachers. The teacher resources include expert advice on how teachers can distress, for example, with their top ten ways teachers can reduce stress article. Other notable articles are those on how teachers can make the most out of their resources, how to make the best teacher resources, how to create and market their own online store, and lists of things that only teachers would understand.

Not only will you find resources to help you teach but you will also find tips that will help you succeed in teaching your class. Some of these tips include but are not limited to: Due to the lack of attention your students might have you will not want to talk for long periods of time.

Many tips and solutions to common teacher problems can be found at

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