A Review of the Qi Wireless Charger Charging Transmitter Mound Holder

There are many reasons that make us require a charger in our cars. One, you could be driving for long hours. As a result, this introduces a chance of your phone’s battery running low. Such a case is not welcome especially when you need to use your phone to make a call or make an online search. Two, if you wake up and realize that your phone is running out of battery, you would definitely have to charge it. However, spending more time at the house would mess up your day. This means that your only option is charging the phone in your car. Even with the need to charge a phone, we all want several features with the car charger. This article highlights some of the features of the Qi wireless charger and provides some customer reviews.

Firstly, let us consider the features available on Magic Cube Car Qi Wireless Charger. One, this wireless charging pad can charge a wide range of devices so long as they are Qi compliant. These devices include Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, LG Optimus LTE2 and Nokia Lumia 920. This feature means that you will be able to charge a wide range of devices with the charger.

Two, the pad can rotate 3400, which enables someone to have several viewing angles. This means that once the pad is placed on a certain position within the vehicle, you will only need to adjust the viewing angle depending on where you are in the car.

Three, this pad has an indicator in form of LED light to show whether a device is charging or otherwise.

Four, this charger protects your device from overcharging, which could damage the battery. Five, the device requires an input voltage of five volts, which is available from most cars. On the other hand, it can charge a device that is within a distance of between four and ten millimeters.

When you purchase this charger, you will find the following items in the package: the wireless charging transmitter, a micro USB cable for charging purposes, a user manual written in both English and Chinese and a USB to cigarette plug cable. The customers who have already purchased this device made the following comments.

One customer said that the positive side of this device is that it has a battery. Therefore, it comes very handy while travelling. In addition, the charger provides audios and visual confirmation if it is charging. On the other hand, this customer did not appreciate the appearance of the charger but commended the device since it is functional.

Another customer really appreciated the fast charging rate of the device. However, he was disappointed because some phones could not stick on the charger. On the overall, he felt that the manufacturer did a good job with the design of this charger.

In order to purchase this charger, you could visit Tomtop on their online store. The current selling price of the charger is 44.3 USD.

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