EZHOPZ: An Authentic Online Mall Where People Buying & Selling Come Together

EZHOPZ structure makes it easiY for buyers to browse around thousands of products from thousands of shops across the world. And individuals and small business to sell items online via their EZHOPZ free shop and online shopping mall.

EZHOPZ is a recently launched unique eCommerce platform with distinctive features and benefits for sellers as well as buyers. It is a platform designed with an aim to increase sellers’ revenues by enhancing and simplifying the online selling process. One of the primary objectives of the platform is to help businesses effortlessly expand their global outreach and explore new market segments without any advanced marketing knowledge or additional cost.

According to the spokesperson for the company, EZHOPZ’s ability to improve global market penetration is established by its unique design and functionality. Explaining how the platform works differently to help businesses break geographical barriers, the spokesperson said, “The platform is designed as a huge global shopping mall which functions exactly the same as a real-life Mall, where you and me are shopping around to find unique things to improve our lives. While each town and city has it’s own local market or mall, EZHOPZ is a global online mall where people can browse and find nice things in their local area and also expand their search regions if they want.”

With this unique offering, EZHOPZ is expected to end the domination of huge corporation and brands on the global market. It will provide home-based or small businesses the opportunity to compete on a global front and reap maximum benefits of being online. However, the integrated internet marketing aspect of the platform is designed to take care of the marketing related hassles so that the business could focus more on their product and core processes. “EZHOPZ wants to support local communities and encourage individuals to spread their wings and reach out to a widespread of people who love shopping online,” the spokesperson added.

Highlighting the benefits of EZHOPZ online shopping mall structure from a buyer’s perspective, the spokesperson stated how the platform will change the shopping experience by enabling buyer access to more shops and products from all across the globe. EZHOPZ allows each vendor to have an individual online shop with their own shipping method the rest is all set and done for them. The structure makes it easier for buyers to browse around thousands of products from thousands of shops across the world.

Speaking of the revolutionized shopping experience, the spokesperson also talked about the time-saving single check-out feature. “Buy ten different things from ten different stores across the world with just one cart and one checkout. These are small changes that can make a huge difference in the overall experience.”

To make it even more accessible to individuals and small businesses to open an online shop and to sell their items and services online. EZHOPZ allows their vendors to sell upto 50 items and services without any costs. This makes EZHOPZ an Online Shopping Mall for for every person shopping around every person selling online.


EZHOPZ is a newly launched eCommerce company that offers a set of online shopping solutions for buyers and sellers alike. A young entrepreneur, John Meyers, founded the company in 2013. Meyers sourced a team of 15 developers and a group of business experts to integrate their expertise and knowledge and create an advanced eCommerce solution with a strong focus on needs and requirements of local individuals, small businesses as well as bigger brands. EZHOPZ offers a distinguished set of features including individual virtual shops with customization options.

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