How Do You Reward Your Staff Without It Feeling Patronizing?

Well, I can’t say definitively, but we did just give it a seriously good go! Those of you who follow this blog will know that Anderida Adolescent Care are a relatively small, residential child care organisation with homes based in East Sussex, England. We are always working on innovations to better our practice and do what we can to make the young people we work with as comfortable as possible. But they say that if there’s smoke throughout your house, the responsible adult needs to put on the oxygen mask first, before putting them on any children, as no one will survive with the adult conked out on the floor. So with this metaphor in mind, what are we doing for the staff? The front line who take all that rough with the smidge of smooth. We are no Google; sadly we can’t go flying our staff to New York for having a ‘good week’, but we wanted to do something.

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