How to Get More Followers on Twitter

With so many ways and platforms to express yourself, both visually and through text your online presence can easily become diluted or even plain dull. Of course, if you need to brush up on your social media skills all is not gone. We are here to show you how to get more twitter followers.

As Guy Kawasaki said, there are only two kinds of Twitter users: those that want more followers and those that lie.” No matter which type applies to you, the point is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to pave your way in Twitter community. First and foremost: become Follower worthy- offer some value to those who would follow you. Work on your content which includes your profile photo. When you are deciding on profile picture, avoid using random graphics or funny images. This could leave the impression of a spam account. Instead go for something more reliable – as a photo of your face looking straight into the camera.

Another proven strategy is to use your brand as an avatar. This leads to the next step- don’t neglect your bio. Many viewers and potential followers will read your details before deciding whether to follow you. And a well written biography is a great way to present a better image of you.

Moving on to the paramount; create interesting, thought-provoking tweets. Engage your followers by sharing interesting stories.

Don’t be repetitive. Add variety – tweet on a variety of topics – politics, a humanitarian cause you are supporting, anything that would get the readers addicted to your opinion.

Offer insightful advice and post photos that would be of interest to the community. Post interesting links of web stories, which will generate an absolute buzz.

Post multimedia-we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Videos, sound clips, images will make you more attractive to new followers. Don’t neglect your twitter account – tweet often. Be consistent. Tweet at least once a day, ideally twice to reach maximum visibility make use of the time people are the most active: ideally at 9 pm, before and after work consider your time zone too.

On the other hand, don’t flood your followers with information. You could be seen as spammy. Use hashtags – this is a great way to connect with like-minded people.

Base your tweets on hashtags popular at the moment. You can get ideas from the “Trends” section on the left side of your Twitter home page. Add hashtags to your tweets. However, use them in moderation.

Follow everyone who follows you. The reason is that some people may respond to you publicly giving you extra exposure to other users. Once you have generated valuable content, the next step is to become more visible.

You can direct more people to your account by simply putting ”Follow me on Twitter” links across the web, on your blog and e-mail. This would be even more effective if you use graphics or buttons to catch their attention.

Try to get celebrities following you. You can get their attention by sending them an @message- this is a direct message you can send to anyone no matter you follow them or not.

Follow people with similar interests. Then follow their followers. Ask people to retweet you. This pushes your exposure over the edge.

If you are looking to take an online twitter course, you can try “How to get more followers on twitter” at Udemy.

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