How Wireless Technologies Changed Our Lives Forever

Once upon a time, everything was wired. Phones were wired, video game controllers were wired, Internet access was wired, etc. and everybody was OK with it because it was how things were back then. Today, all of these things can be used wirelessly and we would not go back to a time where it was not possible. In this article, we will talk about a few sectors that benefited from the arrival of wireless technologies.


The telecommunications sector is arguably the one that has impacted people’s lives the most by going wireless. While there were few people with cell phones during the 80s and the 90s, the real shift occurred in the mid 2000s where more and more people acquired a cell phone each year until we got to a point where almost everybody owns a cell phone now. Smartphones also helped to push cell phone adoption by making them entertainment centers in addition to their calling abilities. This wasn’t possible when phones were exclusively landlines.

Also, wireless Internet services changed the way we entertain ourselves and stay connected to the world forever. Indeed, before we considered public WI-Fi a necessity, people had to be in front of a computer to visit the web. This means no wireless Internet access while travelling in a bus from companies such as Greyhound or Transdev, in college, at your local library or at Starbucks. Today, smartphones and phone companies data services are faster than ever so even if you do not have access to a WI-FI hotspot, you can stream videos, listen to music or update your social media profiles wirelessly, wherever you are.


When we think about wireless technologies penetration, we immediately think about cell phones and WI-Fi Internet access because they are things we use everyday. However, the security sector has also benefited a lot from the arrival of wireless technology. Indeed, before wireless technologies got better and better, lone workers in dangerous workplaces such as prisons and psych wards would be in a lot of trouble if they had to face a threat during their shift. Today, while these workplaces remain dangerous, wireless technologies contribute to lone workers’ safety with the help of wireless devices such as man down alarms. Man down alarms can be activated by these workers when they are facing danger to tell their colleagues that they need backup immediately.


Transportation has also been made easier with wireless technologies. Back in the day, people had to rely on paper maps, their orientation skills and directions from folks they met during their trip to find their way on the road. Today, GPS technology allows us to know the roads we need to take to go anywhere, from downtown Montreal to Las Vegas, Nevada! We are sure that you do not miss your paper maps at all now that GPS technology is so commonly available but we advise you to keep one handy, just in case!

This concludes our article on how wireless technologies changed our lives forever. Can you imagine a world without wireless technologies? We would still be ok, but life would be a lot less convenient.

About the author: Nordicom is a company specialized in the creation and installation of wireless security systems for dangerous workplaces such as prisons, psych wards and youth centers. Over the years, Nordicom has patented many security systems including the Securalert-RF, the Securalert and the Securalert-Hybrid.

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