Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Building A Website

Having a website on the internet is serious business and so you should be serious about every decision and step you take to create your website. Your digital representation of the business on the internet is through your website and you should make no mistakes in creating it. There are always good and bad ways of doing things and this applies to website building as well. One important point that every website owner must know is that his website is created not for him but for the visitors and customers. Here are the top 7 questions you must ask yourself before building your website.

7 Important Questions Before Building Your Website

1. Choosing the right platform is the first and foremost concern for you when you want to have a website. This is because there are different platforms and each platform has strong and weak points. Some platforms are more suited for blogging websites while others give more strength to e-commerce websites than they do to other types of websites. Based on the type of website you want choose the right platform.
2. Today, the next big question you must ask yourself when you are building a website is whether you want the website only for computers or for all devices that use internet. It is most important that your website is built to fit all the varying screen sizes of millions of handheld devices in the world. Tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers should all display your website in a way that it is convenient for the visitor to navigate the website.
3. Now you will have to look at the design of the website. The design of the website depends on your business type and the purpose you want your website to serve. No matter what the purpose of your website is don’t make it too showy and flashy. Include only what’s most needed to make sure that your website doesn’t become heavy unnecessarily. The more time it takes for your website to load the more visitors will bounce off your website.
4. Now you have to focus on the user experience. Remember that user experience and interface are completely different things. Graphical beauty of the website is just one factor from hundreds that play an important role in giving visitors a quality experience on your website. Your website should be easy to navigate, the visitors must always know where they are on the website and how they can reach the home page with just one click. The overall experience should be compelling enough for visitors to come back on your website.
5. No matter how professionally developed your website and its functions are, it will be no good if your brand is not reflected through your website. The words you choose, the slogans, the images, text content and colors of your website are all reflections of your brand. Your website should not only reflect but also enhance the identity of your brand.
6. Now you have to work on making the website SEO friendly. If we were to talk about the popularity of your website and getting huge volumes of traffic on it, SEO friendliness would probably be the first factor to consider. Using right keywords properly, giving captions to images, making the website lightweight through clean coding etc. are all important role players in making your website SEO friendly.
7. Lastly, copywriting on your website should be compelling for all visitors. If your website’s copywriting has managed to make the customers return to your website, you have succeeded in your project. This job should be given to professional copywriters who can convince first time visitors into customers by using a compelling language on the website.

There are undoubtedly many other factors that play a huge role in making your website the user friendly and popular one but these are the most important factors. Make sure to choose the right hosting company too if you want to avoid the unnecessary and extremely harmful down times. Some very interesting information on requirements of developing a professional website is also available here.

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